Why Movellas Rocks

So, you may have heard of all those Movella Rant Books right? Well. Say good bye to negativeness and say HEL-LO TO POSITIVENESS! Why Movellas Rocks!!!


3. #2 The awesome community

You know, without y'all amazing ambassadors and movellians, Movellas would have been just a normal reading site. (this shouldn't be offensive xD)

Everyone has such kind hearts here, no fighting goes on (hope not) and everyone is just so happy!

I absolutely love how you are all so nice to me (and everyone) even though I don't know y'all in real life. You are all truly amazing!!!

A special thanks to, @Mirlotta who has been the star of the show (with many MANY others)

She has really taken Movellas to the next step with her creative writing, her kindness and her humble heart :)
All you are amazing, and if we get more people here, Movellas will be the best! (well it already is!)


Keep smiling,

-spongebobninja xD

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