lets make a story together

Paisley thought it was going to be a normal high school year same friends same enemies but then her family goes on a vacation to Tennessee during Thanksgiving break and it shook her world up one unforgettable day after the next


6. when Paisley gets in

mom; Paisley where the hell have you been i have been worried sick i thought you were gone

Paisley; cared so much you couldn't call wow you must have cared a whole lot mom i can really tell ya know your face looks like mad not worried so obviously you cared a whole lot

mom; Paisley i am tired of this you keep getting into fights and you just left when i told you not to and where is your shirt and your towel did you honestly walk around with no clothes on

Paisley; i will be back

mom; no Paisley get back here

Paisley(goes outside sees niall and runs down to him) i think my towel and shirt is in your bag can you check

NIall; oh shit ya its in here

Paisley: (kisses his cheek) thanks and don't forget to text me later okay i will need to vent

Niall: ummm haha okay see ya Paisley

Paisley; see ya NIall 


Paisley;(walks back) sorry i got my clothes 

mom:why is there coffee on your shirt

Paisley: it doesn't matter i got it see

mom: Paisley i am so sick and ti-

Paisley; bye mom(walks into her room and listens to music)

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