lets make a story together

Paisley thought it was going to be a normal high school year same friends same enemies but then her family goes on a vacation to Tennessee during Thanksgiving break and it shook her world up one unforgettable day after the next


3. barely anyone is bothering me #bestday:Niall

okay so i am walking on this side walk near this condo place it wasn't our building but it was so beautiful outside and i just wanted to walk after lunch even though the rest of the guys took a car but why would i pass up this opportunity to walk when barely anyone knows we are here and the paps aren't on our asses so fuck it but anyways i was walking and drinking my coffee and i was looking at my instagram feed when bam when knocked each other to the ground and trust me it was a gentle fall either because she was in a hurry and i may have burnt her with coffee

me- are you okay

girl- what yeah i am fine i gotta go

me- wait are you sure your okay i spilled half my coffee on you

girl- i am fine it just fucking burns but i am goi-

me- well here you can have my shirt if you wa-

girl- no i am fine really i was going to the pool anyways

me- can i walk with you because you look like you need someone to walk with

girl- (she started yelling at me wtf did i do) no i am fine okay just fucking go (she then started crying and walking away from me but i couldn't let her go)

me-(pull on her arm) no just wait don't walk by yourself okay just let me fucking walk with you

girl- why the fuck should i let a complete stranger walk with me you could be planning on fucking raping me are you are planning that

me- WHAT THE FUCK of course i am not going to rape you i just i just feel bad for making you cry and i wanted to walk with you because i figured you needed someone to vent to okay

girl- fine whatever i don't even give a shit anymore just come on

me- so umm why ha-

girl- my mom and i got into a little fight and i left the condo and that's all well until you spilled your damn coffee on me

me-ya sorry about that

girl-whatever i didn't ask for this ya know

me- what

girl- i i i

me-please don't cry

(too late)

girl- all i wanted to do was get away from school and just fucking go swimming do you do you thinks that's too much well i don't 


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