Unexpected Love

For all of you who may not know Tina was not a very popular girl. She was not liked by a lot of people, Tina has only one best friend her name is Hilary. What happens when a boy she never thought would like her liked her, and then she figured something out that she did not expect. Read to find out what happens.


1. Introduction to my life

    Tina's P.o.v

    Hi my name is Tina, I am 17 years old. I have long brown wavy hair. I have hazel green eyes. I am a very tiny girl, my height is only five foot two. I am from Canada and I love soccer. I have one younger sister her name is Lucy she is 15 and we get along pretty well. I recently moved to London because my mom got her job transferred. So I am not your typical  popular princess who is loved by the whole school. I am the kind of girl who sits near the back, get good marks and the target for people to make fun of. I only have one friend and she is her best friend, her name is Hilary. She has been with me through thick and thin. when she found out I was moving she transferred schools so that we could be together. Me being less popular I am not liked by many people, but I am not an exception because i do many  embarrassing thing. Like one time I dropped something beside my locker and I went to pick it up, when I got up I hit my head on the locker which made every body laugh. So I guess I am going to find out what my new school is like tomorrow when I get there. At least I will have Hilary by my side experiencing it all with me.

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