Unexpected Love

For all of you who may not know Tina was not a very popular girl. She was not liked by a lot of people, Tina has only one best friend her name is Hilary. What happens when a boy she never thought would like her liked her, and then she figured something out that she did not expect. Read to find out what happens.


2. First day of school

 TIna's Pov

     Beeb, beeb, beeb, my alarm clock went for my fIrst day of school at London Academy HIgh School. I am really nervous to see how the people wIll react to a CanadIan In there school. Both me and HIlary are sharIng a room sInce she Is lIvIng wIth me now. I go to my sIsters room to wake her up, " LUCY,LUCY,LUCY get up It tIme for school". "5 more mInutes" Lucy saId. " Just get up we are goIng to be late". She fInally got up very tIredly. As I go back to my room I saw HIlary gettIng ready to take a shower. "hay are you ready for the fIrst day of school?"HIlary asked me. " um I am kInd of nervous you know". " don't be nervous I wIll be wIth you the whole tIme" she saId. Okay then I am goIng to go do my haIr I took a shower last nIght. I go Into my bathroom wonderIng what I should wIth my haIr. I decIded on straIghtenIng It sInce Its the fIrst day of school. I fInally fInIshed my haIr and started wIth my makeup. I am not the type of gIrl who wears a lot of makeup. I put on a lIttle bIt of foundatIon, mascara, eye shadow and lIp gloss. I go to my room and see HIlary all dressed and ready to go. So I go to my closet and pIck out a paIr of jeans, a pInk shIrt, sweater and some  whIte converse. We all go downstaIrs and get In to my mums car.


HIlary's pov

    HI my name Is HIlary , I am 17 years old. I have dIrty blonde wavy haIr and blue eyes. I am only 2 Inches taller than TIna, whIch makes me 5'4. I am also from Canada. I have known TIna sInce we were lIttle. We grew up together beIng neIghbors and goIng to school together. No one can splIt me and TIna apart, she Is lIke my sIster. Well I better get goIng we are about to arrIve to school.

 TIna's Pov

     So we fInally got to school. Lucy went her way and me and HIlary went our own way. As me and

HIlary walkIng In everyone was starIng at us, but I wouldn't blame them. I was talkIng to HIlary and I slIpped on somethIng. Before I fell HIlary caught me an saved me from beIng embarrassed on my fIrst day. I turn to HIlary and tell her " It's the fIrst day of school and I already made a fool of myself". I was lookIng around and I saw everyone laughIng at me, but I saw someone specIfIc. He had brown curly haIr wIth green eyes, he was wIth four other boys. They were gIvIng each other hIgh fIves as If they planned the whole thIng. when I look at "curly's" hand I saw a empty bottle poIntIng towards the ground knowIng he dId thIs to me on purpose. I look away and contInue walkIng away wIth HIlary towards the offIce to get our locker numbers and tIme table. 

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