Winning His Heart


Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are both in their 6th year at Hogwarts.
The fights between the two have gotten worse, but different emotions are starting to surface.
Draco can't seem to keep his eyes off of Harry, but the Chosen One still feels nothing but hate...for now.
Can Draco make Harry fall in love? Or will it all fail, with disastrous results.

warning this will be boyXboy sooo you know the drill


4. Chapter 4.

{hey(: I would really appreciate some more reads, votes, and comments! Tell me what you think of my story! Correct me on mistakes! This chapter is all gonna be in Draco's POV} 

At long last, classes were done for the day. I sat on my bed in the dormitory, rolling the small bottle of golden potion between my fingers. Should I use it to get Harry? Or would that be wrong? 

"Dammit! Why does this have to be so hard?" I snapped at thin air. Going against my conscience, I uncorked the bottle and let its contents slide down my throat. Suddenly a burst of confidence over came me. 
'Lets do it.' I though to myself. I had the strangest feeling that I should go to the seventh floor, I'm not sure why, but it felt like the place to be. 
When I finally made it up what seemed to be hundreds of flights of stairs,I made it. 
While I paced past old tapestries thinking of how I needed a romantic spot for Harry and I, a door appeared beside me, out of nowhere. Perfect! 
Just at that moment, a certain raven haired, green eyed boy rounded the corner. 

"Harry! Hey, uh, can we talk? Please?" I begged him, my eyes suddenly filled with tears. 

"Well...are you going to try to molest me again?" He sneered. Ouch. 

"No! I'm so sorry Harry, actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I feel so bad and I... I just..." I 'scrambled' for words. Of course I didn't regret a single thing I had done to/with Harry, but Felix had other plans. 

"Okay, Malfoy. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to talk..." He muttered, looking at the ground. I led him through the door, where we found a large room with a king sized bed, and a huge fuzzy rug in front of a blazing fireplace. A small table with all kinds of sweets and alcohol was beside the rug. 

" know how to use the Room of Requirement?" Harry asked me, his mouth wide open as he surveyed the room. 

"Yeah, I do." Felix said for me. I grabbed Harry's hand gently and led him over to the rug, sitting down and grabbing a bottle of wine, as well as a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. 
He gazed intensely at me, a blush creeping up his neck. 

" wanted to talk?" He whispered. I didn't know why he felt a need to be quiet, we were alone after all. 

"Yes. Harry, I'm terribly sorry I came onto you like that, it was rude and uncalled for. You see, I just have such strong feelings for you that I...couldn't control myself." I said in a small voice. I almost sounded ashamed. Ha. 

"Draco. You, well, you don't need to be sorry." Harry said. 

"What do you mean?" I whispered. 

"You don't need to be sorry because...I liked it." He said bravely before pushing himself on top of me and putting his hands on either side of my face. 
"In fact, I loved it." He growled, attaching his mouth to mine. Our lips moved fiercely together, aroused sounds escaping both of us. 

"Harry, Harry stop. We need to talk some more." I said softly, pushing him off. 
He gave me a very confused look, crawling back to his previous spot. 

"Alright." He said, sounding hurt. 

"Why don't we have something to eat and drink?" I asked him, holding up the wine and berries. 

"Err...sure..." He replied, sounding wary. I poured him a large, large glass of wine, and one for myself also. 

"Cheers to...the beginning of something new." I said sweetly, clinking out glasses together. 

"Cheers..." Harry whispered before chugging down his whole drink. I refilled his glass. 

"So... You enjoyed the bathroom?" I asked him a few glasses of wine later. I had only just finished my first, taking delicate sips. 

"Yes! It was like, totally amazing! Like wow Draco! You are soooo good with your hands! And you're hot. Did I mention that? Like you are hella fine. Damn boy. I would lick whipped cream off of you!" He giggled. I figured he was a bit past tipsy. He was beginning to sound like a teenage girl. 

"Well...thank you Harry. Would you like some strawberries?" I asked politely. By now the Felix Felicis had worn off, and the only reason Harry was still here is because he was drunk. 

"I would loooove some! But cut off the leaf things please!" He said cutely, pinching my cheek. I absolutely adored drunk Harry. I did as he asked and held out the berry for him. He took it from my hand and gestured for me to open my mouth. Oh god. I did as he wanted, and the berry was placed between my teeth. 
He slowly leaned in, looking shy, and closed his mouth around the other end. Our lips brushed and he bit down and ate it, and it was my turn to blush. 
I looked down at my feet, the warm fire giving everything around us a warm and cozy glow. 
I felt Harry's hand gently lift my head up, and he looked at me with loving eyes. 

"Draco." He said, soundly one hundred percent sober. "Look at me." 

"Harry? Aren't you drunk off your ass?" I asked him, raising a brow. 

"Drunk? Off a few glasses of weak wine? Please. I'm Harry Potter, takes a lot more than that to have me tipsy." He said in a cocky tone, winking. 

"Shut up, you." I said in a shy voice. 
Harry once again looked at me, as if I was the only thing that mattered. He brushed a few strands of hair off my forehead, and smiled softly. 

"Draco, I like you. Quite a bit, actually." He whispered. My heart pounded out of my chest, going twenty miles a minute. He likes me? He likes me! I reached up and kissed him with such passion, it even surprised me. 


Our lips worked together to make us both hot sweaty messes. I ran my tongue over his soft and swollen bottom lip, begging for entrance. He wouldn't open his damn mouth, so I nipped his lip harshly, making him gasp. I shoved my tongue inside his mouth, exploring my newfound territory. Sucking on his tongue, I ran my hands down his sides, feeling him shiver from my touch. 
I found my way to his ass, and gave it a light squeeze. He moaned loudly and ground his hips down on to mine. 

"Harry!" I gasped. He moved his lips down to my neck, sucking everywhere he could until he found my sweet spot, turning me into a moaning mess. Once he was satisfied with his work, he trailed kisses all over my collarbone. 

"Take off your shirt." He growled. I was slightly intimidated my this dominant Harry, so I did as he said, skipping my shirt over my head and tossing it across the room. He wasted no time in leaving wet kisses on my chest, and he licked my nipple. I was surprised I didn't cum right there and then. I grabbed his back, fisting my hands in his shirt. 

"I think it's only fair for me to return the favour, don't you?" Harry said huskily, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. 

"What do you-oh" I panted, realizing what he meant when my trousers became undone. He ran his fingers down my abdomen, suddenly looking nervous. 

"You don't have to, Harry." I said soothingly. I knew I was the first guy he'd ever been sexual with. 

"No. I will." He sounded determined, and damn, that was such a turn on. He pulled down my pants and had me lay on my back. I could here him giving himself a quiet pep talk...why would he need to do that? It's only a hand job...he does it to himself so how is this different? I laid there thinking when I felt something warm wrap around me. Oh my god, I thought, that's his mouth. I put my fingers in his hair, urging him to take more of me in. His tongue swirled around my tip, and my back arched with pleasure. 

"Harry, oh my god!" I moaned loudly. That must have given him motivation because he took me in much deeper. This kid's a natural. His head bobbed up and down, and I began to thrust myself into his throat. He gagged a little, but trooped on. I felt myself getting closer to the edge, and thought I should let him know in case he doesn't want me to release in his mouth. 

"Baby...I'm...I'm gonna..." I panted, trying my best to actually speak. 
He simply looked at me through his lashes and gave my tip one last flick with his tongue before I couldn't hold it back anymore. I bucked my hips and came in his mouth, loving the way he swallowed and then licked me clean. 

"How was it?" He asked shyly. 

"Incredible, baby. You're amazing." I sat up and straddled him. He hugged me tight, and I gave into the warm embrace. 

"What does this make us?" He whispered. I knew what this made us. Or at least, what I wanted it to make us. 

"Will you, Harry Potter, be my boyfriend?" I asked him, gazing into the beautiful emerald eyes. 


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