Updates & Myself

Hey! This isn't a story but this is an update about what's going in and why haven't I been updating lately, and also this is also where you can ask questions, and where I talk about myself, I decided to create this cause I hate when I have to put each update on each stories so why not in one, so yeah.


3. a Preview of three of my wattpad stories

Hey guys so I will give you three previews of my top Wattpad stories

(Hey How Ya Doin? Boy)

"Hi....you must be Zayn Malik", I said as a strand of my brunette hair with blonde highlights on my bangs, in my face, "yeah...and may I ask who are you?" I took a deep breath "Maddi-Ann Malik....and I'm your daughter"

(A Weird Thing To Show You)

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder didn't have the spark, El became more serious and Louis got tired of it and hate how she not spending more time with him. Stevie Hudson on the other hand is another female version of Louis, same mind, same crazy brain. She a professional dancer and share a flat with her best friends, and of course is also a fan of Louis Tomlinson. When they're world collide, everything was going crazy and down hill.

(American Girls)

Nadia Parry as just a 18 year old normal girl living in Miami a tropical place where she wears shorts, dresses,wedges,sneakers,anything that's summer like. She has tons of friends back home but she doesn't wants this lifestyle, she decided to go and audition the X-Factor with her family supporting her, what happen when someone comes her way? Watch her through her journey with friends on her way.

So yeah! And also Hey How Ya Doin? Boy somewhere towards the end gets a little weird but anyways, just comment and say that if you want me to post a chapter preview or to I want me post a one of my stories on here from wattpad, or you can read it off of wattpad, however you like there also some other stories that I wrote and I list them in the first page of this update book so yeah, comment in what you think about them and these are the top three stories that these people like on there, if you read them that's perfect and great and hope you enjoy it.


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