My five brothers with a twist

What happens when Hannah find out that her five brother are keeping the biggest secret ever from her

Will one of them tell her?

Or with see find out her self???


4. chapter 3

The next day at school was horrible because I still had to wear sunglasses and my fangs were out so I couldn't smile I just nodded and went to class with Matt at my desk talking to someone it was harry of course it was. I walk over to harry and he said hey Hannah what's up I can't talk but I need to talk to u tho I said okay what he said my fangs and are completely out and my eyes won't change yet. Okay don't worry, I go Into to see Liam daydreaming so what are you daydreaming about I said this girl in my English class she is so hot he said what's her name I asked he said I don't know. Class are you seats the teacher yelled

The next couple of class were okay and then lunch break comes and Matt come up to me and said hey Hannah and I said hi bastard and I stood up and walked away but he grabbed my wrist and I said get off of me bitch and he stepped back. Hannah I am sorry for everything he yelled and I yelled back I think it's a little late to say sorry and walked off and everyone one looked at me as I left.

Matt pov:

I wish I could tell her she is my sister but I can't harry won't let me since i bully her way too much I don't know why i do but it was harry idea to bully her. I really cared about Hannah and it always hurt me to call her name and push her but it was all an act. Harry? I asked what he snapped why can't I tell Hannah she is my sister he said because she will never forgive a bitch like you he yelled angrily at me. He walked off mad were he had red eyes and fangs out that's how much I pissed him off. I am not a vampire I am werewolf I don't know why but I didn't become a vampire I was different. Here comes the devil....Amanda. I hate Amanda is such an pain in the ass she always around always text always calls me she is so annoying. So I broke up with her and she cried and called and said you bastard and hung up I don't know how many times but I did are about harry or Amanda I just wanted to tell Hannah everything that happened but she would never listen to me for a sec.

Harry pov:

I don't know what happened to me I just got really pissed off and called my brother a bitch I would never do that I guess I was thinking about things and got pissed off. Ring ring my phone was ringing it was my sister hey Hannah what's up I need you to hold me and confront me she said in the phone I knew she was crying isn't niall there I said to her yeah but I want my hazza with me. I am in my Hannah love you love you too she said and hung up. ( girlfriend for harry? Girlfriend for Liam?) i arrive home and Hannah ran to me and hugged me and was crying I hate Matt and niall just looked at me ad mouthed wtf why haven't you told her yet. Hannah we need to talk it's important guys come too u know what this is about.

( harry is underline and Hannah is in bold)

Hannah I need to tell you something and you are going to mad okay?

What is it harry?

Matt is your brother harry said

What the fuck why didn't you tell me.

Because we didn't want to upset you

I am going out I said and left

( for some reason I can't get the bold and underline off so annoying

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