Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


7. chapter 7

Hannah's pov:

" shit" I mumbled why do they always forget to use protection it make me mad to late now. " Hannah are okay?" Niall asked I ignored him and went downstairs and sat down by harry and Louis and laid down on Louis and started crying. Woah did I just laid down Louis that's a changing what is wrong with me? I yelled at my self. I woke up to see the boys staring at me and had tears in their eyes and i could feel dry tears on my cheeks I sit up and didn't say anything and just looked at them and they just looked at me and I went upstairs and just cried " why me?" I asked over and over again in my head intill someone walked in a laid down and put there arms around me and I heard light sobs coming from one of the boys. " Liam" I asked " Hannah we are so sorry I love you Hannah" he said " everyone says that bit I don't who to believe " I said " you can believe me Hannah" he said " how" I said " like this" he said and kissed me and we started making out and I felt safe for the first time even tho they rapped me had sex me many times but I felt safe with Liam. " I need to go talk to niall okay" I said " okay.

" niall can I talk to you" I asked through the door " no" he yelled " please niall" I said " he opened the door and I knew he was crying because his eyes were red and he had dried tears stains on his cheeks, "what?" He snapped "I am not mad at you, it's just frustrating because you guys always forget to use protection I know how annoying that is, niall" I stated " shit" he said. " what's wrong?

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