Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


5. chapter 5

" my life has always been perfect, never bullied, always got good grades but why was I kidnapped I didn't deserve this, my parents were murdered now I got kidnapped by my idols what could go wrong" I yelled at zayn and Louis and they just sat there like statues " Hannah zayn spoke but I cut him off by " don't Zayn my life has been ruined by by favorite band and no one cares about me zayn no one it's like some one does but it's like they want to hide it from me forever" I spoke crying. " we care Hannah after Diana did what she did we always cared" harry spoke " then why did you kidnap me". " because you look like Diana a lot." I sighed " guys I knew Diana". " what how" they yelled at me " guys how I knew Diana is because she was my sister" I yelled " omg I am so sorry " they said hugging me. " when she got kidnapped I thought I would never see her again and that exactly what happened" I yelled " Hannah why didn't- I cut harry off by running up the stairs. " I can't believe them try kidnap my sister, now me what else can go wrong" I yelled the door opened and it was niall " Hannah" he spoke " why are you here you never come around me never help me none of you except harry " I spoke " I do care and I knew Diana was your sister because se left you a note and I was waiting for the right time to give it to you and Hannah I love you" " what note? and I love you too ni". (>3 awww...)

Dear Hannah

If you are reading this I am in heaven dancing with the angels and I am happy here I promise. I never thought I would get rapped my one direction and why I killed my self was because I was pregnant with Harry's baby and I couldn't take the chance of him finding out and I couldn't take the abuse anymore. Hannah I love you and I miss you a lot and you miss me too.

I love you Hannah and thanks for being the best sister I could ever ask for

Diana xoxo

" omg I am going to kill him " I yell " why what happened " niall asked. " here read it " he started reading it. " that bastard"

I went downstairs to see harry zayn Louis Liam on the couch.

" hey Hannah" harry said

" don't hey Hannah me you bastard" I yell

" what's your problem" he asked

" my problem is that you got my sister pregnant" I yell

" what?" He asked

" niall just have me this note and it said Harry's baby so I think she is" I yell"

" harry you didn't use protection you idiot" zayn yelled

" shit I mumble "

( do u think I should make Hannah pregnant?)

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