Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


3. chapter 3

The next morning I wake up with arms around my waist and snoring it was harry then I remember what they did to me. Me and harry had sex I had no choice because I didn't want punishment I didn't know what they were capable. Harry I said to wake him up nothin he hates it when I call him a bitch so I said bitch bitch and then he started to wake u are finally up bitch I say and he woke. And he let go making me fall off the bed ow! I said as I hit the floor and he just looked at me and smiled I found my underwear and out it on and I couldn't find my shirt or pants so I wore on of the boys shirts and went downstairs which was hard. Why are you wearing my shirt Liam said shit I mumbled because I couldn't find my shirt or pants at least I found my underwear I said and walked into the kitchen and got breakfast and sat down at the table by myself intill Harry came down and sat by me and watched me you know it rude to stare I said and got up and went to the couch and sat down by the people I hate zayn Louis and Liam great I mumble. What are we going to do today niall asked zayn answered with a smirk and I just rolled my eyes and niall looked at me and then looked away when we made I contact I moved but Louis grabbed my wrist and I let go and sat down my niall then he moved away from me. I then remembered why I told niall that I lost it with all of you when he was doing it with me. Niall I whispered and he said what and I said why are you mad Hannah you don't get it do I said get what. You will find out soon or later I am sorry he said while crying. Why is niall crying zayn asked and niall yelled because what happened last time and I harry grabbed me and took me upstairs and closed the door. Can I see your arms he asked no I said why he asked I do self harm I said let me see I showed him my arms and he started crying and I hugged him and he said Hannah later time we kidnapped a girl she got killed and we were scared that it will happen to you too that why we are protective over you. You guys rapped me I don't that called "protective" now is it and walked out of room and downstairs. What was the girl name I asked and Liam looked down and he said Diana and why did you kidnapped her I asked she was in danger they said looking down how was she killed and Liam was crying now. She wasn't killed she killed her self Hannah. Did she do self harm too I asked and they said yes. Oh no I said out loud what they said and I showed them my arms and they were crying and hugging me. I don't thin this place is bad after all. But I was so wrong.

I mentioned self harm in this which is a very cruel and horrible thing to do and never do it and some people do it because if bullying but the bullies are just jealous of you.

I also talked about suicide, suicide is not the way out of this. Talk to your parents or someone you can trust to help you. I know that people have done it but they thought that if they were dead people would stop and everything will stop. Self harm and suicide is no the answer.

In loving memory of Amanda Todd and everyone else

We all thought you were wonderful people inside and out!

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