Kidnapped by one direction

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by one direction
( rated R for inappropriate content +16)
Will she fall in love?

Why happens when something happens to Hannah that makes them regret everything.
Warning: cussing, sex, and abuse


1. chapter 1

My alarm went off that means it's time for school I go get a shower after that I curl my hair and put my make up on and pick out a cute outfit. I go downstairs and see my mom and dad yelling at each other again and I go get my breakfast and head out the door and put my earbuds in and Listening to warrior by Demi Lovato. My earbuds got knocked out by a boy taller than me and I said watch it and then four other boys got out of the car they were in and blocked me harry give me the cloth I didn't want a cloth so I walked to the car and sat down and buckled myself up and kept quite. That was odd one of them said and they got in the car and three of them were on one side and three were on the side I was on they just kept quite intill we arrived I got out last and they watch me and I go in and kept quite but in the inside I am furious.,they grabbed me and darkness filled my eyes. ( this was the day before the shooting)

I woke up to the sound if someone breathing I open my eyes and blonde haired boy with beautiful eyes was staring at me. I said can I help you find something I said annoyed you can talk he said yes niall I can I said wait a sec how do u know my name your favorite member of the biggest boy band one direction and I know a lot about you so don't play dumb with me horan. Okay I didn't know u were mad he said I am mad no I am furious do u guys just take random girls off the streets I yelled. I heard footsteps come up the stairs I was faced with one direction well now they are my kidnappers. Hey harry hey louis hey zayn and Liam I said wait bitch how do u know our fucking names harry said well one you are one direction and second I loved you guys now I hate you bitches I said mouthed sorry to niall. I don't what is with niall but felt like he won't hurt me at all. I was wrong.

Flash back

People roam the streets like nothing bad happens bit thing happen at night people get killed rapped and and even get girl pregnant that they don't even know. Those people don't give a fuck about life or they are doing to people but thy will never regret. I still won't forget that day when my parents were murder right infront of me.

Today was a beautiful day I said to my self as I got up and I did all I need to for today and was about lunch time and my mom and dad were just getting home from work loved them but my dad was an complete asshole to my mom and she knew it to. Dinner came and it was dark and that when the creepers were out preverts and other motherfuckers out there. me and my parents were just sitting on the couch when two black people came and in with a gun I run upstairs and hide in the closet and then I heard eight gunshots and quietness I I downstairs to see my mom and my dad dead on the ground and from my closet I saw then get shot and ever since I have horrible dreams.

End of flashback

Niall and and the boys were staring at me because I was crying and niall asked what's wrong I said shut up and walked out of the room and downstairs into the living room with harry running after me. He grabbed my wrist and he turned me around and I was staring into his eyes and he was staring into my eyes and I don't know what happened he just kissed me and I kissed him and we were now making out but I stopped it because I realized I was making out with my kidnapper and harry Styles. What the hell just happened I asked he said we were about to have sex he said you mean raping me I said and I went back upstairs and the boys were up there and I hugged niall and Louis just gave me a smirk and I said he is planning something but what?

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