Kate Pevensie


1. Go to the future

I don't know how to say...yeh, unbelievable. When I opened my eyes, I was in the train with Lucy and Edmund. I also saw an old-fashioned giant castle-I heard that it's called Hogwarts-and a shiny black colored lake. Today was September 1, 1991. You know what that means, I am in the future. Lucy and Edmund looked surprised.

"Kate? Are you up?" Edmund asked. I was pretty tired right know, I don't know why but I was tired. "Yes, Ed, and Lu. Are we here?"

He said that it's NOT Narnia, but England. I put my hands in my pocket and I felt a wooden piece. I took it out and I flicked it. The small light ball appeared at the end of the wooden stick.

"I get it. It's a wand," I said. Exactly. Wizards use wands, it's magical. We, the Royal Pevensies don't need wands at all..

There was a announcement about the time-it said there's five minutes left-and we changed to our uniforms. When we got out of the train, I realized Hogwarts is even prettier than castle of Cair Peveral.

"All the 1st years! Come here!" the giant yelled. He seemed to be about 2.5 meters at least. He was Rubeus Hagrid. I heard someone called ‘Harry Potter’ and Hagrid talking.

I finally met Professor McGonagall, who supposed to be Transfiguration teacher, and the deputy head mistress of Hogwarts.

The hat, that is used for house sorting, started to sing. Yuk. Disgusting.

"Pevensie, Edmund" Professor called. Ed walked quietly as he go toward to the hat. He wore the hat, and the hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!"

Next was me, hat was thinking, and I became the hat-stall. Finally hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" Last was Lucy, who was really brave. I'd know because Lucy was the bravest in our family. Hat roared "GRYFFINDOR!" as Lucy wore the hat.

Harry Potter was a boy who lived, and he made Voldemort disappear. I felt the dark power right behind Professor Qurriell's turban. Probably Voldemort.

"Hi, Harry Potter. I am Katherine Pevensie. Nice to meet you," I smiled at him as I say. He turned red, and answered, "C...call me Harry, Katherine."

Darn it, he was so cute! I have blond hair with dark colored eyes, but Harry had black hair and rare green eyes. His friend, who is called ‘Ronald Weasley’ came to Gryffindor, and us five became friends.

"Umm...hi? You're Hermione Granger. I'm Katherine Pevensie. You can call me Kate if you want," I said brightly. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She looked zealous, but I don't know why. I just closed my eyes, and fall in to the dark of sleep.

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