The Edge

This is based on a true story of my life, many of the events are true, but the ending most definitely is not. However, I am not saying I haven't thought about it recently... I don't know if this is green or yellow in rating, please tell me in the comments what you think, and if many think this is yellow, I will change it. I apologise in advance for this!


6. A/N

If any of you know or go on, you may realise that I have the same story there as well, that is because I am also on there... hence the use of my username! And if you go on, I also am on there, and sometimes, I may take extracts from my blogs to include in my stories. I may do it, I may not. Depends if I'm not too lazy to go and find the passages! So yes, I am on multiple websites. included. :D 

Hope you all enjoyed this story, tell me if you want me to do more dark stories or not. I am also in the process of making a "story" filled with poems, they all tell a story, and all have some sort of tangible link to them. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to vote if you liked this!

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