The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


6. Liar

  I saw a airplane fly over head, a two story white appealing house was not that far away, a pine forest loomed behind me. I took a deep whiff of the fresh spell of pine needles and freshly cut grass. All the windows of the attracting  house were illuminated which seem too draw me in . Before I head over there for help I brushed some dirt of yellow dress that the evil lying Howard got me, I combed my fingers through my knotted auburn hair and started to sprint there, ahh it felt amazing to be free, to run. I approached the fine wooden porch and knocked on the screen door, but the door didn't open in response.  I slowly opened the door, I felt bad for intruding but it suddenly hit me as a waft of a weird scent filled my nose as I entered the house, what if this is Howard's house. I tipped toed into the lovely modern kitchen and grabbed a knife off of a wooden cutting board.

   A familiar snore clouded the sound of the sports channel on his flat screen tv. I grunted angrily, jerk, a creepy, psycho, sociopathic jerk. I stared at the tv, egh I would be happy to see a tv again if it weren't on sports channel. I sneaked into the hallway five closed doors stood in my way, I sighed and opened the first, a lovely bathroom with a four person sized Jacuzzi and a fancy sink. I quickly left before I was tempted to use anything. The second led to a staircase. I went down to investigate. A girl was curled up in a bundle of blankets her bright wavy red hair was everywhere it was incredibly long for a girl that small. I crawled silently to her, I gently shook her shoulder.

   "Micheal, is that you sir?" she groaned. She looked at me and gasped "Please Mrs. zombie don't kill me" she began to cry, I stared puzzled at her small face, her crying suddenly ceased. "or did Master Micheal save you too"

  "No he fooled me and trapped me in a bomb shelter for three years, I think" Her lime green eyes filled with terror. "He has done the same to you tricked you into thinking a apocalypse nightmare has started...uhhhm whats your name?" She wiped a few tears from her pink cheeks.

   "Ember...whats yours?"

   "Avaline" I grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs. "Do you know where he sleeps?"  She pointed a small pale finger to the last door. Ember and I  



tip toed to the door hand and hand. She looked up at me nervously and I lightly squeezed her little hand and opened the door, he was sprawled out on a king bed all by himself. I smiled and screamed as loud as I possibly could, he jumped and stared at me with a oh shh look on his face. I cleared my throat.

   "Hello Howard or is it Micheal, hmm tricky one you are, catching girls torturing them in a way they couldn't have possible expect...kinda genius know that I think about it, but I guess you didn't think about a fire starting in the bomb shelter one that forced me didn't think I'd find little Ember here did you...did you" He jumped out of bed and slowly approached us.

   " You girls really think this is a good idea? Even if you escape me I killed your parents you'll be stuck in a orphanage even more tortured than you are now."   Both of our eyes began to water at his words "So just to end your torture..." He stood tall "I'll kill you too" He leaped at me and punched me in the side of the head I dropped to the ground he kicked me in the side, Ember ran into the away back into the hall. He got onto his hand and knees he crawled above me and stared down at me with a look of pure satisfaction. I weakly lifted the knife to his shoulder and sliced, he wailed in pain and smacked the knife out of my hand and slapped me hard. I began to cry, the blood from his shoulder spilled onto his arm and onto me. "Once I'm done with you I'll slit that little girls throat, I'll bury your worthless bloody bodies into the hottest desert I can find so your flesh can rot all the faster and I will get awa-" He was cut off as Ember ran down the hall with a larger knife than I had and plunged it into his lower back. He wailed in agony. I grabbed my knife and stared at him.

 "What were you saying, bastard? He tried to mutter something but only blood came from his mouth. "You are truly stupid." I knelled down to him " Now just to end your torture I'll kill you" I drove my knife into his skull the muttering ceased, blood poured from his upper forehead onto his tan carpet I dropped the knife and turned to Ember "And you are truly brave" I bent down and hugged her slender body. We won.

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