The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


5. Flames

  "Bye!!" Howard leaves yet again, he really doesn't need to leave every morning. I sigh and go back to bed, I slowly fall into a light uneasy sleep. After a few minutes I started to dream, I was laying in my own perfect lime green bed with my cat Kai, Molly was handing me her doll to play with her, I could smell the scent of my moms delicious apple pie, and my dads new book Endless Road, I'm in paradise. But it all ended in a flash as I suddenly awoken. I punched the bed angrily why couldn't I sleep a little longer. It hurts to know that I can't have that back, the perfect world.

   I got up and grabbed a protein bar with chocolate chips and sat down at the little wooden table I pulled the lantern close and began to draw Molly her blonde curls her icy blue eyes. I shifted to draw her slender arm and i knocked over the lantern it shattered and a blanket on the ground burst into flames. I screamed and freaked out I dumped the bucket cleaner on it but it burst into flames, really flammable cleaner? It spread to the shelf causing my origami's stories and drawing to turn into useless ash. "NOOOOOO" I coughed smoke filled my lungs causing me to cough some more. I need to get out of here I'll die in here, he wouldn't care would he? I yanked open the heavy door and climbed the ladder I unlocked the hatch and climbed out it was about 10 o'clock at night. I took a deep breath. Ahhh fresh air... wait fresh air!?

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