The End

Smoke fills my lungs, I must leave I'll die in here he wont mind, would he?


2. Caught

   I awoke in darkness I could only see a dim light I squinted my eyes trying my hardest to adjust to the light. Ounce they finally adjusted I saw, I was in a small room with a man about forty-ish years old staring at me, my first instinct was to scream as load as I could.


  "Shh Shh Shh its okay, please be quite, you need to rest, you hurt your head real bad, you were unconscious when I found you." His face looked genuinely frightened I calmed down a tad. He returned to talking "I'm sorry if I frightened you..."


   "Wha wha why...where... am I why did you take me?" I Stuttered into the darkness.


    "You're in a bombshelter and I didn't take you I saved you" Sensing my confusion he continued "During the week you were out, a bomb went off in northern Mexico, the force of the bomb has caused deadly radiation everywhere, who ever set it off is a real idiot huh" He tried to lighten the mood but I stared in the distance never thinking the apocalypse would ever happen he handed me a granola bar "My name is Howard I'm 42 my favorite color is orange your turn" He smiled playfully,


   "Uhhm I'm Avaline... I just turned 18 a month ago and I like lime green..." I rubbed the painful spot on my head, Howard pulled my hand down and shook his head.


   "The beds over there get some rest, you need to heal" He pointed to bunk-beds in the front wall near a tightly locked door. I slowly walked over, surprisingly my right ankle bursted into pain and I stumbled the rest of the way to the beds. I flopped onto the lower bunk and stared at the dim flickering lantern still I eventually slipped into a unrest full sleep.  



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