My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates

I'm Liliana Clifford but people call me Lily or Lils for short. anyway when i was little my parents got divorced when i was 4 and i moved to america with my mom while my bother Michael stayed with my dad in Australia. But now my Mom died and i'm moving back to Australia to live with my dad and start a whole new life.


4. chapter 4

         School was over now, and I'm waiting for Luke. All I am thinking about is Luke.Luke.Luke.5 minutes later I see Luke pull up next to me in his car. "Hop in cutie" he said with a smile. I get in the passengers seat. He starts driving. We stop at a park. He gets out and opens my door. I get out. "Well thank you sir" I said with a giggle. We go to the swings next to the flowers and talk for hours. He picks a flower and hands it to me. "I know I've only met you today, but I really like you Lily. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said. My cheeks were so red. "Of course." I said with a smile. Then he got up and hugged me. 


         After that we went to sunset beach and watched the sunset, talked and cuddled. I happen to fall asleep in his muscular arms. I woke up to my phone buzzing. Luke was sleeping so I quietly got up and answered it.

Mickey "where the hell are you? It's 1 o'clock!"

Me "OMG sorry I wasn't paying attention to time! I'll Come back soon" 

Micky "you owe me for covering for you." 

Me "okay I owe you bye!"

Mikey "bye" 

Then I hung up. I went over to Luke and whispered in his ear "hey it's late I think we should go" 

"Ugh why I was having fun with you" he said all tired like. I know but I need to get back." I said. "Okay then cutie let's go" he said holding my had and walking back to the car. We got to my house. "Thanks Luke I had a really fun time" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. I then out of the car. I sneaked in because all the lights were off. Going upstairs I bumped into a table. "Fuck!" I wispered. I then went to bed and fell asleep...

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