My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates

I'm Liliana Clifford but people call me Lily or Lils for short. anyway when i was little my parents got divorced when i was 4 and i moved to america with my mom while my bother Michael stayed with my dad in Australia. But now my Mom died and i'm moving back to Australia to live with my dad and start a whole new life.


2. Chapter 2

a good15 hours later of crying babies and annoying people, I finally got there. I was told someone was to meet me and pick me up. i was looking around for a while, when a guy tapped me on the shoulder. "Liliana is that you?" the guy asked. "I'm Michael, do you remember me?" "yeah i do, but don't call me Liliana. its Lily." i said. "i can take your bags. follow me to the car." he said. i followed him to his car. I sat in the front. he put my stuff in the trunk and got in the drivers seat. " buckle up." 

         45 minutes later we arrived to my new home. i got out of the car and got my stuff, we went inside and was greeted by a mid-age man with a short beard that was turning gray. The man hugged me. "oh Liliana what a beautiful young lady you have become, I've missed you so much!" the man said who must be my father. "it's Lily" Michael budded in. " Oh okay. Micheal show Lily to her room" my father said. Michael took my arm and took me up stairs down the hall to a room that must be mine. it had blue walls and a gorgous view. "So here's your room" Micheal said. "ill let you be for now, dinners at 7." "Okay thanks" I said. then he left the room. I unpacked everything. Then i sat on my new bed and fell asleep.

         i was woken up by my alarm i set. it dinner now so i go down stairs and find the dinning room. It took me a long time to find it because the house was so big. in there was Michael and dad. i sat down next to Michael. There were casserole, beans, mashed potatoes, and fruit on the plate in front of me. We all started eating. "so how was the ride here?" dad asked. "it was fine" i replied. "so you two start school tomorrow, are you guys ready?" He asked. "Fuck No" Michael said. "Hey watch your language!" Dad yelled. "I want you to show Lily around tomorrow. maybe introduce her to your friends" he said. "Fine" Michael replied. we all talked for a while catching up on stuff. 40 minutes later i exuded myself. i put my dishes a way and went up stairs and fell asleep...

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