My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates

I'm Liliana Clifford but people call me Lily or Lils for short. anyway when i was little my parents got divorced when i was 4 and i moved to america with my mom while my bother Michael stayed with my dad in Australia. But now my Mom died and i'm moving back to Australia to live with my dad and start a whole new life.


1. Chapter 1

         I'm in my room, crying, crying because my mother just died and now I have to leave all my friends and go live with my dad in Australia. Last night I said my goodbyes to my friends, i'm going to miss them so much. anyway In 2 hours my aunt is taking me to the airport. so i start to get ready i packed my bag last nigh so i went and got ready. i took a shower, put my makeup on curled my hair, and picked out my clothes, ( I was all ready. There's 50 minutes till my aunt come so i decided to take a nap since it was only 6:00. i fell asleep to thoughts of my mother.....

         I woke up to my aunt telling me to wake up or we will be late. I quickly got up got my stuff and ran to the car and put my stuff in the trunk and took a seat in the front. the ride there all a was thinking was how my father and brother is like now, I don't really remember them so I'm kinda scared. the only time i talk to them is the one phone call on my birthday and holidays.

         30 minutes later we were at the airport. We got out of the car and got my stuff I gave my aunt a huge hug, then she left. I went through security then looked for gate 2. I came just in time they were just starting to board. I handed the lady my ticket and got on the plane, sat down in my chair. Its going to be a long ride...  

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