Abducted by a psycho

who abducted willow?


5. 0.5

My eyes slowly fluttered open causing the sunlight trespassing through my eye sockets. I felt such a deep pain in places I never thought of. My head was throbbing. I was certainly feeling warmth through my body. My muscles felt beaten up and weak.

I was laying down on a bed. Even though I was in pain laying down didn't make anything feel better. I felt onto the cotton soft sheets and in the corner of my eye I noticed on the sheets there was a bright red spot sinking through the sheets. Misty must have punch me really hard. My body never felt this weak.

"ah you're awake" a voluminous brunette lady said. She looked like she was in her mid twenties. "some of your classmates found you knock out in the bathroom. Are you okay sweetheart, we already contact your father, he's on his way."

I slid my hands through my hair massaging my head. I looked at her in confusion. "we're am I?"

"You're in the hospital. You were in a bad situation, you were bleeding a lot from your head it would not stop bleeding. So we took some pictures if anything was wrong with your head. Luckily nothing was wrong and we did make sure to control you blood." she informed me.

"Thank you. Umm, is it okay if you get me some water?" I ask.

"oh of course I will be right back. Do not move."

I couldn't believe Misty punch me so hard that I ended up at the hospital. Of course now the teachers and counselors are going to question me. If I tell them it was Misty, she will probably put my body on a casket. It was a few seconds that the nurse came back with a cup of water. With out a doubt I could have sworn this nurse was some type of supernatural, it's like she had the capacity of having super speed. She went through the drawers finding a vanilla white spread sheet, she quickly grab the sheet that was covering my brutal body nothing, but the pale silky skin aluminium the dark red liquid flowing through my leg. A moist towel touch my my pale skin making the hairs through my shoulders raise, feeling electrify.

"Those this feel refreshing? " the nurse asked.

"Yes, thanks." I replied.


A few hours past, my father had already picked me up from the hospital, we were riding in car, the trees became like a pattern one by one mixing each other like coloring it with oil pastel. In just few steps away our creamy light brown house came into view. My body was still hurting since the hospital. The only thing I wanted to do was to lay down in my soft blankets. My dad had open the door of the car for me, taking me and holding me in his arms. I tried to stay awake, but I began to feel dizzy. The sound of the front door opened and the squealing of closing became louder. My dads footsteps began to be louder for each step he walked up the stairs. The fresh cookie cream scent began to flutter over my nose. Knowing that I was in my room. My body began to feel smooth, laying down on my bed. My eyes slowly began to close shut.

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