Abducted by a psycho

who abducted willow?


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Willow's POV:

The sun was down and nothing but, the moonlight bringing light to the midnight sky. I look behind me regretting my decision, since a large man was following me. He stood tall, seemed to be about five eleven. His clothing nothing but black, he nearly blended in with the night as it creeped around him. I begin to run faster hoping he wouldn't catch up to me. 

"Stop running from me." he demanded. "Don't be scared." 

His words didn't change my emotions, I was scared and I felt helpless. The fact that I was out of everyone's sight. If I were to scream no would hear, I would hear my voice bounce off the building and right back to me. As I continued running, I could feel his eyes were beaming as I could feel them staring at the back of my head, as if he could see me right through me. His footsteps were getting heavier, as he each step he took brought him closer.

I grew out of breath and, my running was practically jogging, and soon I became weaker. 

"Stop running, I'm a mutual friend of yours." The sound of his voice gave me goosebumps.

My running slowly starts to speed up once again, as I'm running I turn to a corner and try disappearing from his sight. As I look around I see a trash can. I run to it and hide behind it hoping he doesn't find me . I lean against the wall and cover my mouth with my hand hoping he wouldn't hear my heavy breathing. His footstep were getting closer and heavier. 

"I know you're here, I can smell your strong, seductive, perfume, Willow." He said calmly as his footsteps were getting closer to my hiding spot. 

'How in the world did he know my name? If we were mutual friends why was he chasing me? What did he want?' 

"Willow just come out, I won't hurt you." 

You could hear it in his voice his lips transformed into a smirk. I kept silent cupping and pressing my hands on my mouth, hoping whoever this was would go. 

"If you won't come out, I'm going to make you come out, and trust me you will regret it. I'll give you to the count of five." He said

There was silence for a moment, my body wanted to take a peek, but I knew if I did there was zero chance of me escaping. 


There was a soft sound, like if someone was turning on and swiping something. My body was tired, sweaty, and my muscles were hurting.

I could hear the stranger dialing a number.


I started to panic, my heart was racing and beating against my chest. He had my number, he was calling me. Everything was falling apart and it seemed like the ringer on phone became louder and louder. The stranger grabbed me from behind. Slapping my face around three times, he then lifted his leg inserting a punch through my stomach. 

"stop you're hurting me." I said hoping he would let me go.

He was still attacking me, he started to feel all around my body, I was disturbed and felt violated. There was a rock near us, he was not holding my right arm, so I decided to reach for the rock. As soon as I reach the rock, I brought my hand and gave all my power to hit him on the face. His hands were massaging his face, he was certainly feeling the pain. There was my chance to run, I pushed him to the ground, and I got up quickly and ran, but soon I trip because my heels broke.

He slapped me across the face.

"I told you to come out easily, this is what you get, say goodbye to your life." he yelled.

He puts a cloth over my mouth and nose, I wasn't fighting back, my energy was slowing down, and so was my breathing. I was weak.

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