(One Direction FanFiction)

My name is Lauren, but that doesn't really matter as much as the fact that I am in an empty room with no door. All that is in the room is a bed I am laying on, and a note signed from some guy named '1D'. Who is that?


4. Chapter Three: Final Round Of Gold Fish

Lauren's POV

So, Go Fish was pretty intense. I may have uh, broken someone's arm? And someone possibly could have given me a black eye.

They left for who knows how long and came back with a girl, a bit older than me. She tried to fight them, but there was no use. She was kidnapped too.

"This will be your nurse. Her name is... Hey. Wait, what's your name again?"

She rolled her eyes and replied. "My name's Maks."

"Okay, Maks, you'll be operating on us. You are our personal nurs-"

"Hey isn't Maks a boy name?" Louis interrupted.

She gave him THE look. I like her. She must be a psycho too. "Screw yourself, Tomlinson." She huffed. Then she started tending my black eye. Which was more purple than black, to be honest.

"So how good of a nurse are you?" I asked.

"Well, you probably won't die. But then again you might... Hey. We all die eventually." This was not a promising statement.

"So Maks, how did they kidnap you? I was at a friend's house and they snuck in whilst we slept."

I'm not big on talking in the odd way of B.C., but I just used the word whilst and.... It made me feel so... Grown-upey? Well, there goes my maturity out the window.

I'm a WOMAN.

"Yeah well I was talking to a patient at the doctor's office and all of a sudden the patient jumps up and grabs me by the neck and four others walk in. I was so confused that I didn't even try to fight."

"Did you know I'm a woman?" I said aloud. Oops.

"Shouldn't you consider your not-so-manly parts?"

He was referring to my boobs.

I slapped him here and now.

Just kidding.

I'm keeping a score chart on their punishments for when the torture chamber I ordered comes in.

Pfttttt... I didn't order a torture chamber...

Okay so maybe I did. Don't judge me. You know you've thought about it before. You just haven't acted upon your thoughts.

I don't suggest doing so.


Maks is in on my plan.

The TC comes in on Wednesday. One of us will sneak out to get it and

Wait. If we can get out, why wouldn't we escape?

Because then they would get away and do this to someone else. And I want to save any other person from this kidnapping thing they've got going on. And they still won't say why they need me in the first place.

I will find out why. No matter what I have to do.

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