(One Direction FanFiction)

My name is Lauren, but that doesn't really matter as much as the fact that I am in an empty room with no door. All that is in the room is a bed I am laying on, and a note signed from some guy named '1D'. Who is that?


2. Chapter One: Meeting My Kidnappers

After thinking a bit, I snooze off, letting sleep overtake me.

I need to think about the facts:

I'm Lauren Holmes. Yes, Lauren Holmes the daughter of Sherlock Holmes. My mother is Rin Holmes. She's a ninja. I mean, a REAL ninja.

Of course, no one knows that because you can't see ninjas. Only detectives and other ninjas can see ninjas.

The last thing I remember doing before I woke up here was that I was at my friend's house. Sarah's house. We fell asleep after watching 'The Avengers'.

I decide to take in my surroundings. My father has taught me what to do in a situation like this. He probably thought it wouldn't be me in the situation, though.

I notice a crease in the wall next to my bed. It looks like a one-way-in door. In other words, it can only be opened from the outside.

The only other thing I see is a camera on the ceiling. It looks as if it has a voice recorder, too. Great; my stalkers watch me sleep.

They are probably watching me now. Well, how about I put on a show.

I stare at the camera with what I call my 'I'm-a-syco/killer-who-needs-to-be-in-a-mental-asylum-but-no-one-has-caught-me-yet' face.

I lay back down, close my eyes, and drift off to sleep.


One Of The Stalker's POV

We watch as she falls asleep on the screen. I wonder when she will start speaking. I'm getting a little worried...


Lauren's POV

I wake up after what seems like ages. I wonder how long I slept.

I try to focus myself on my goal.

"Hello? Is anyone there? I see you through the camera! Can you PLEASE bring me food?? I'm starving!" I say aloud, while staring straight at the camera.

In response, I hear a muffled British voice speak through the mini speaker built into the voice recorder.

"I told you we shouldn't have gotten the cheap camera! Someone get her some food." The voice is a low tenor.

Before I can react, a salad bowl slides out from under my bed. They must have some kind of laying-down elevator under my bed. All I see when I look underneath my bed is a crease in the floor, probably the elevator.

I pick up my salad, because no good detective can solve on an empty stomache. I shreek in horror as I open it.

There's. No. Sauce.

Wow. No ranch! One behind the camera starts to hesitate, because I can hear his fast breathing. I decide to tell them that I want freaking ranch.

"Bring me some ranch, fools. How could someone eat such a dry salad?"

Ten minutes later, a bottle of ranch slides out from under the bed. It's not cold. Idiots.

"It's not even cold! Get me a mini-fridge!"

This time, some guy opens the door, just as I wanted. He pushes the fridge in, but before he can shut the door, I throw my stuffed monkey in the way. He tries to push it out, but I hop up and punch him quickly, without hesitation. He falls backwards, moaning. I run to escape, but someone grabs me and says," get the cuffs!" It's the same tenor voice. I think he's in charge. He's covered my eyes, so I can't see a thing.

I grin, trying to look like it was going as planned. He then thrushes me onto the floor in the corner, making me hit my head on the wall very hard. I see blood fall down my cheek, but I'm still grining. I probably look insane. I can see now, so I study everything around me. Cameras, equipment, food: everything that they would need to stalk me.

I spit on the ground towards one of their feet, looking slowly up towards his face. It's the same one that grabbed me, and he's got light brown hair with very few blonde streaks, brown eyes, and black clothes. I look around. All of them are wearing black clothes. One is in the corner, trying not to look at me. Am I that ugly?

"What do you want?" I spat.

"We aren't going to hurt you. We don't want anything. Look, you're the only one who's hurt yourself since we... Stole you."

Stole me? STOLE ME? More like freakin kidnapped me in the middle of the night while I was at my friend's house.

"Who are you?" I ask, showing no emotion. I can't let them think they've won. The one in charge speaks,"I'm Liam. Blondie over there is Niall. Harry is the curly haired boy. That is Louis," he said, pointing to his left,"and that back there in the corner is Zayn."

They sound so familiar. At the edge of my tongue. I know them, maybe. I think back to everything. I guess now would be a great time to bring up the fact that I have photographic memory.

Click. They fit just like a puzzle peice. On a poster in Diana's room. And underneath their picture, it says "1D".


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