The Kidnapping

Grace was your typical pretty high school senior. One year left of school and it was over. But even though she was just a young PI from New York, the FBI still decided to use her to spy on new guy in town, Tom hiddleston. Thinking he is the bad guy, Grace spies on tom, until she is kidnapped by two mystery guys and tom realises who she is.


4. tom hiddleston, saviour

The day after my birthday, as a 'special' treat, Aidan let a wild dog loose in the room. It bit at my ankles and jumped and bit my upper body. After that I was in indescribable pain. I still spoke no words, but all I could do was watch Paul and how broken he looked. Ashamed what he was doing.

"Look," he said. "Maybe we should just let her go. She won't tell."

Aidan shut him up and left the room.

After about a month in the basement I could tell there were search parties for me. Aidan showed me a news report about how I was missing, then he laughed and kicked me.

They told me they were going out, Aidan of course telling me not to go anywhere. He brought out a sharp knife he had used before and stabbed it into the corner of my thigh. I screamed out but he didn't remove it, he said it would keep me down until they came back.

I lost feeling after an hour of constant screaming. The door started to open slowly, and even with my blurred vision I could see a tall figure approach.

"Oh my god," it said. "Grace, can you hear me?"

The knife was pulled off, when I have a large sigh of relief and regained feeling and vision. I thought it was Johnny coming to help, but upon looking I saw it was Tom.

He had come and was untying me. He, who I had been spying on was here. "Are you alright? Oh god. Darling, can you hear me? Fuck. What have they done... Grace? Can you stand?"

"I'm... I'm oka.. Okay." I whispered.

Tom helped me to the edge of the room and out of the door. "What have they done to you.." he mumbled under his breath.

"I'm oka... Tom, really... I'm," I fell to the ground.

"You're not though. You were taken when you were in my car, right? It's basically my fault," he said as he picked me off of the ground and held me.

I told him it wasn't his fault. I shouldn't have been spying on him in the first place. He laughed. "Eheh, it's your job. Don't worry, you're safe now, I'll take you back to the guys," he said.

He carried me back, but I blacked out.


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