The Kidnapping

Grace was your typical pretty high school senior. One year left of school and it was over. But even though she was just a young PI from New York, the FBI still decided to use her to spy on new guy in town, Tom hiddleston. Thinking he is the bad guy, Grace spies on tom, until she is kidnapped by two mystery guys and tom realises who she is.


3. Few days

A few days passed when I was locked in the basement area. I could barely eat anything locked away and by now I as exhausted from not eating. The rope burns hurt like crazy but all I received from complaining was abuse.

Even though I asked what I had done, no response was given apart from a hurtful one. Daily, I received bread and water, but only enough to stop me from dying, not enough to stop me from hurting. It was horrible, not being able to move your hands and being restraint to a chair. 

My eyebrow was split open from being thrown at a metal fence whilst being tied to the chair. My head was gushing with blood from the same process, I had cuts and bruises everywhere. I could barely feel my ankle, I guessed it was broken as Aidan had forced Paul to kick it several times. He fell to the ground afterwards, crying about what he had just done. Aidan kicked the shit out of him and then me.

After time, I realised Paul was just being dragged along throughout this ordeal, he had been involved in the murder of the girl accidentally and Aidan must have dragged him along.

"I'm sorry this is happening," Paul said when we were alone. "I want to release you, it's just... Him."

When Aidan heard us talking, he slapped Paul and stabbed my leg with a sharp knife he must have kept in his pocket for so long.

I told him that if I didn't get out for the hospital soon I would die.

"Shut up bitch. That was our intention," he grumbled.

I sat upright on that chair and whined greatly. I constantly shouted out in pain, but no voice was loud enough for someone to hear me.

And with that, I didn't speak again for the next few days I was trapped.

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