The Kidnapping

Grace was your typical pretty high school senior. One year left of school and it was over. But even though she was just a young PI from New York, the FBI still decided to use her to spy on new guy in town, Tom hiddleston. Thinking he is the bad guy, Grace spies on tom, until she is kidnapped by two mystery guys and tom realises who she is.


2. Aidan and Paul

Without thinking, when tom wasn't looking I snuck into his open car and hid underneath the back seat. He took a while to come out and drive so I sat up to see if I could see anything.


I plugged in my earpiece and started speaking to Johnny, who explained very carefully that I was to be careful just incase something was going to happen. I said I was fine, which wasn't for long because before I knew it, two other guys who were not Tom Hiddleston approached the car and got in.


They started driving away, not realising I was in the back. Johnny said in my earpiece that I should stay down and not be seen, which was hard when you were sitting in a small shelby supersnake with two guys you were scared of. I didn't even have my gun, which was a rookie mistake.


"So are you saying we kill the girl?" One said.


"It's all we can do, Paul," the other said.


"True. Where does she live? Do we even know her name?" said the one now named Paul.


"I don't know her whereabouts. Her name is Grace Cameron, but I'm 100% sure it's false details."


I stopped breathing. That was me, my name. What had I done to be killed? Why did they want me dead? And then suddenly, my world ended. I sneezed.


The car stopped quickly and the unnamed one looked behind. He picked me up by my hair and sat me on the seat. "Well well, Paul, things have just gotten so much easier."


I looked at them both as they locked the doors and drove off. I finally heard the unnamed one was called Aidan, and honestly they were both good looking. Too bad they were kidnapping and going to murder me.


I tried busting the door, which resulted in getting hit, hard, by Aidan. Johnny whispered in my ear to stay calm. How could I stay calm at this moment in time? I was panicking, like really panicking.


Eventually we stopped outside a warehouse, where I was tied to a chair and left alone in a dark room. Johnny and I spoke, him telling me they were going to come and find me. I replied by telling then to hurry.

But Aidan and Paul heard me as rushed in, pulling off my earpiece and slapping me. They said about how they had kidnapped a girl not too far from where tom lived and blamed him, killing the girl before. So that's what the FBI wanted me to find out. Well I knew now.

I tried to untangle the ropes, only ending up in being slapped once again. It was no use trying to get anywhere, I was on watch 24/7. I didn't understand what I had done wrong, maybe the knew I was finding the murderer of the young girl. But how could they know?

"Em... would you like anything?" Paul mumbled.

I shook my head, looking at the floor. "What are you doing? You idiot." Aidan slammed down a glass, breaking it into a million tiny pieces. He used a sharp piece and cut along the side of my cheek, making blood stain my face. "Don't talk unless you are ridiculing," Aidan left the room.

"I'm sorry," Paul whispered. He placed a hand over the cut and tried wiping up the blood. 

"If you're sorry, do something," I spat.

He looked ashamed as he left, turning off the lights and once again I was in the dark.



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