Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


2. tryouts

Ellie's P.O.V

I just sat there smirking. "what?" Harry asked me.

I smiled "oh nothing."

He laughed "your so hot."

I had a cheeky smiled "I know."

He chuckled.

"You know that tomorrow are tryouts for everything. Basketball, cheerleading, football. Because I'm the captain me and a couple of my friends have to wear our uniforms." I told him as I stood up and leaned down over his shoulder.

"Those tight cheerleading uniforms. So hard to get out of without help." I said in a seductive tone.He bit his lip.

He stood up and grabbed my waist. He crashed his lips onto mine. It was rough. He pushed me against the shelf being carful not to knock it over, but still being hot. I lifted my knee in the air and put it onto Harry's hip. It made sparks fly through me. Oh crap.

We were interrupted by Ali. Harry pulled away and I looked at Ali. "Sorry for interrupting that, but you know that thing we were talking about yesterday?" She said.

I knew what she was talking about. Drugs. I nodded. "Well plans changed and it will be happening." She said.

After summer ended we said we wouldn't do it anymore. I looked at Harry. He looked confused. I smiled at him and pulled Ali away. So no one could hear us.

"No. Ali. No. It's not happening." I told her.

She pleaded "please, I feel fat and I need to forget about it."

I shook my head "eat a salad then." Then I walked away. I walked back to Harry.

"What was she talking about?" He asked me as I walked back.

I laughed "her parents want to make us study but I said no because I don't do those things."

He turned his head then looked back at me "well I have to tell you something."

I looked at him worried "ok tell me then."

He looked down at the ground and mumbled something. "What?" I asked.

He said it louder "I think I like you."

I couldn't say anything. I think I like him too but I don't know.

He started again "I felt sparks that I don't feel with other girls."

I smirked "I felt them too. But what other girls."

He smirked back "you know. The hot ones at the beach over the summer."

I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm and said "you know like the boys that you had sex with other the summer on your vacation."

I gasped. "How did you know?"

He laughed "well I was at a bar. You were there. You tried to kiss me. I had a planned girl to come back with me so I turned you down. You were drunk and you found a boy and you were out of there."

I gulped "I don't remember most of them. Did you tell anyone?"

He shook his head and I sighed in relief. He smiled "so how hot are you gonna look tomorrow?"

I smirked "extremely. Maintain your boner that you will get."

He laughed "is that so."

I bit my lip and nodded. He walked closer to me and grabbed my butt. He whispered in my ear, his hot breathe felt good.

He whispered "oh the boner won't be hard to maintain mostly because I know at the end of tryouts you won't be able to resist me."

He stopped but started again "me making you scream. Me inside you."

I couldn't help but bite my lip. "But I don't know you." I barely said.

He smiled and said "I like football (soccer), sex, I don't get good grades, I'm the guy your mom won't be able to see is bad, but your dad will hate me. I want you, and we would probably have sex all of the time."

I smiled at what he just said. Then the bell rang. We walked out and went our separate ways.

Harry's P.O.V

After my class I went to lunch with everyone. I sat down next to Louis. Next thing I know the rest of the boys sat down.

"Hey boys." I said to them.

They all said "hi."

Niall said "I'm nervous about tryouts."

Louis laughed "I'm not."

The rest of us nodded. Then Liam brought up the cheerleaders.

"Ali is hot." Liam said. I chucked, looked down at the table and shook my head.

Zayn said "they are all hot Liam."

Louis laughed and nodded "Ellie is so uncontrollably sexy." We all started nodding and laughing.

"Talking about us?" Ellie said. Ali and some other girl were there.

We all started laughing. "Well this is Kaitlin. She thought one of you were cute. And boys if you ever need to look at something hot. Our table is over there." Ellie said.

At our school Ellie is on the top of the food chain. Then you have Noah. He's up there with her. Ellie had told me about Noah.

They were about to walk away when I said "Ellie wait."

The boys were confused I smiled and she turned around "what Harry?"

I laughed "which one of us is hot Kaitlin?"

Ellie, Ali, and Kaitlin started to laughed.

Kaitlin said "not telling."

Then they all walked away. I could still see Ellie's blue eyes shining though.

Ali has long dark brown hair. So Kaitlin has a lighter color. It is pretty close to Ellie's.

"So who do you think Kaitlin likes?" Niall asked.

I smiled and shrugged. I looked over at Ellie and I noticed something. Noah and two of his friends were over there. She looked annoyed but I knew she was faking a smile.

Zayn smiled "we will get it out of one of them."

I looked back at the boys and nodded.

I smiled at them "you guys want to hang out at my place today?"

I saw Niall light up it was funny "do you have food."

I laughed "tons."

"I'll be there." He said.

I looked at the rest of the boys "my mom is out of town. We have a pretty big house."

They nodded and said one by one "I will be there."

~the next day~

Ali's P.O.V

I knew who Kaitlin liked but I wasn't gonna tell the boys. Good thing it's not Liam though because he's cute and I think I like him.

We were in the bathroom after school. We got in our uniforms and we went into the gym.

Ellie was captain, me and Kaitlin were co captains. So that meant that us three would be in charge of picking 4 girls to add on the team.

Some of the girls were really good, others were just really bad.

It was hard to pick 4 mostly because there were 5 really good ones.

"How about she doesn't do it. She looks like a slut." Kaitlin said.

I nodded and so did Ellie. We looked at the clock and used the laptop to print the list. There was the 4 who made it, the ones who will fill in if someone got hurt, or moved, and the towel girl for competition.

We pinned it on a board then we went outside. It was a bit chilly so we all took our cheerleading hoodies that covered our uniforms.

We sat on a bench and watched football try outs. We all cheered when Louis got a goal. He looked over and smiled.

Then Noah made a goal. I cheered still. He looked over at me surprised.

After tryouts we knew who made it and who didn't and luckily all of the boys made it.

The people who didn't looked really bummed.

I gave Harry a thumbs up as Noah walked over to me.

"What was that?" He asked.

I shrugged "what was what?"

He looked away then back "the cheer."

I sighed "because I forgave you and it makes me happy when the people on the team make goals."

Ellie's P.O.V

He stepped closer to me and grabbed my waist. "I want you back Ellie."

I pulled away from him "Noah, first you smell. Second not gonna happen."

"Why? Please." He begged.

I shrugged. "I may have forgave you but that's only in my head. My heart needs to forgive you."

He sighed "what if you are dating someone by then?"

I shrugged and started to walk away "then I'm dating someone I guess. Bye Noah."

I got in my car and Ali did too.

"What was that about?"

I shrugged and drove her home.

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