Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


4. the game

Harry's P.O.V

The rest of the day seemed to fly by.

The game starts at 7. It is the first game of the season.

We are planning on winning.

~the game~

We all run out on to the field. The game started after that.

By half time we were winning. 2-1.

By the end of the game we won 6-4.

After the game we all went into the locker room. We started to get changed. I got a shower so I didn't smell. The boys were pumped.

Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam were done before me. I had them wait for me so we could get something to eat after. I put my clothes on and left the room. When I started to go to the parking lot Ellie stopped me.

"Hey Harry." She said.


She bit her lip and said "you played good today."

I smiled "thanks. I watched you a little. You looked hot."

She smiled "don't I always?"

I frowned "I'm sorry but the boys are waiting for me."

She grabbed my shirt and kissed me. "Ok."

I walked to the car. The boys immediately said "what took you so long?"

I laughed "calm down I'm here now."

Niall seemed anxious "get in the car now. I'm so hungry I could die."

I got in the car and Zayn drove off. We drove to a pizza place.

By the time we were done it was 1 am. Zayn dropped me off first. I went inside and immediately went up to my room and fell asleep.

Ellie's P.O.V

After the game I was happy for the guys on the team. I went home and sat on my bed after I changed. I had gotten a text. It was from Noah.

Noah: Hey Ellie.

Me: what do you want?

Noah: rawr.

Me: wtf do you want?

Noah: you.

Me: well to bad I have a boyfriend.

Noah: who cares? Ever heard of cheating?

Me: yea but I'm don't gonna do it. I care about him.

Noah: have you had sex yet.

Me: not yet but we will.

Noah: exactly. I know you. You love sex. That's why we had such an awesome relationship.

Me: until you ended it. Delete my number.

Noah: we will see how things turn out.

I put my phone down on my side table and went to sleep. The next day I woke up and it was 5 am. At least I was up early.

I decided to stay up. I hopped in the shower. I took an hour long shower. When I got out I decided to wear a flower crop top and a black elastic waisted skirt.

I went downstairs and made breakfast. I never eat breakfast because I wake up to late.

By the time I was done it was time to go. I got in my car and drove to school. I went into my locker. I got my stuff and went into class. Everyone else was there soon after.

The day went by pretty fast. By the time I realized what was going on it was the end of the day. I walked to my locker. I grabbed my stuff and started to walk to my car. It was raining and lightning. Then someone stopped me.

"Didn't think you could get rid of me that easy did you?" It was Eli.

I laughed "sorry, I kind of zoned out."

He smiled "that's ok. Aren't you supposed to be at practice?"

I laughed "if you haven't noticed this isn't exactly practice weather."

He looked at the sky and shrugged and smiled "yea I guess so."

I just said "well I'm soaked now and I will see you at 5:30."

He nodded and I jumped in my car. I left the school and went home.

When I got there I ran into the house and changed my clothes. I put on pajama shorts because I didn't plan on doing anything else all day other than being tutored. I put a Taylor swift t-shirt on and put my hair in a messy bun.

I called Harry and we talked on the phone until I heard a knock on the door.

"Babe I have to go. I will see you tomorrow." I ended the call with him after he said "ok bye."

I went downstairs and opened the door. "Hey Eli." I said while letting him in. He waved and walked in.

"So where are we gonna study?" He asked me.

I shrugged "we can do it in the living room."

He nodded and we walked into the living room. We sat down on the floor. He pulled out a big book and I groaned. "Come on, let's play a board game or something."

He laughed "no we are gonna focus on the things your struggling on."

I smiled "I'm struggling on not kicking my parents asses for making me get a tutor."

He opened the book. He opened it to a math section. "Let's start with easy math." He said. He handed me a piece of paper and a pencil.

"I will give you problems and you will write them down and solve them." He told me.

I did it. It was easy. "Why do you struggle in math? Your almost as good as me at it. Most of the problems you didn't need to write down."

I shrugged "I was a genius when I was younger. I got made fun of so we moved. When I moved I stopped paying attention the teachers and played dumb on tests. I could easily pass every test."

He said "what about social studies?"

I said "that has always been difficult for me."

The rest of the day we worked on social studies. I got a text message at 10:00. Eli was still here.

"Eli it's 10:00." I said.

He laughed and said "wow. Time flies by when your having fun. And make sure you start paying attention and trying your best."

I sighed "if I have to."

He looked at me sternly.

I laughed "I'm kidding. Go home Eli."

He walked out and I went upstairs. I set an alarm and fell asleep. I didn't even bother looking at my phone.

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