Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


9. rose

*contains sexual content*

Ellie's P.O.V

That bitch. Apparently her name is rose. Who's fucking name is rose anyway. She probably is the opposite.

I hate her and I haven't even met her. I need Harry not to talk to her. You mess with the honey you get the bee.

This bee is mad and ready to sting. Hard. Here's the plan. I will do it in order.

Plan rose destruction

1. Become friends with her.

2. Do things with her.

3. Truth or dare to find out weeknesses.

4. Make her humiliate her self

5. She will be just another loser

I put them all on paper. And showed it to Ali. She smiled and I put it away and we met Harry back in the living room. He wasn't there.

"Hey Ali. I will see you tomorrow. Come in the morning. Around 10. Then we will start the plan monday."

"Bye love."

I hugged her and she left.

I went upstairs and Harry was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I smiled and sat next to him.

"Hey babe." I greeted him.

"Are you cheating on me?" He asked looking hurt.

I was shocked "what no. Why."

He looked me in the eyes "because your hiding something from me. Come on. I don't hide things from you. What is it?"

"It's someone new. They are moving here." I said.

"What's this about a plan?" He asked.

"My plan to become friends with her." I sighed. I have to tell him.

I told him what Ali told me.

"I would never leave you babe." He grabbed my hands.

I sighed "I know. I was just reacting like anyone would. I don't know if she's pretty so how do I know if you'll fall for any tricks she pulls."

"If it makes you feel better I won't talk to her ever. If she tries anything I will tell you." He reassured me.

I smiled "thanks. I love you so much. But I still have to do the plan."

He nodded "what ever. You never were a good girl huh?"

I laughed "nope. Now show me how you bad you can be."

He smiled "I will. If you can take it."

I nodded. He pushed me back on the bed. We unclothed each other and he put on a condom.

He immediately thrusted into me. I moaned. "Hard and fast or slow and passionate." He asked while going slow.

I thought. I wanna go out today so I decided the first. "First." He smirked and started fast.

In and out. "Deeper." I moaned. He went deeper. I moaned so loud there. "Fuck Ellie your so tight." He moaned.

Then the doorbell rang. "Let. It. Go. I'm. Not. There. Yet." I said between moans.

He went faster and I felt a churning in my stomach. "I'm there." I moaned.

"Me too." He said. Then we cummed together. He pulled out and we both breathed. When I got over my orgasm, I got dressed.

I went downstairs and opened the door. Kaitlin was about to leave. I shut the door and walked after her.

"Hey what's up Kaitlin?" I asked.

She turned around "oh! Me and Niall are going on a date tonight wanna come on a double date?"

I smiled "I'll ask Harry. Why couldn't you just call me?"

"I did. It's turned off. Oh yea Ali told me about rose. And the plan. We are playing around. And Liam and Ali might join us depending."

I nodded.

"Were you in the middle of something?" She smirked.


"Does Harry involve it?"

I nodded and laughed. "Gosh Ellie. Well get back to your lover. And We have practice Monday." She said.

I laughed "I know. I'm the captain."

"Well your very forgetful sometimes" She said. I smiled and hugged her goodbye.

I went inside the house and went into my room. Harry was sitting on my bed dressed with his eyes closed. I smirked and jumped on the bed. He groaned and pulled me down by my legs. I was now laying on top of him.

"My parents come home in a few days." I smiled straddling him.

"Okay?" He asked.

I continued smiling "we should have dinner. Maybe my father will start to like you if he gets to know you."

He groaned. I hit his chest playfully. "Harry. For me babe?"

He smiled "give me a blow job?"

My smiled faded and my mouth was wide open.

"I'm kidding baby." He laughed.

I smirked "no you weren't."

He smiled "I know."

I got off of him and went downstairs. I pulled out a bowl and some strawberry ice cream. I put some into the bowl and grabbed a spoon.

I started to eat it when I heard Harry from behind me. "Is that ice cream?" He asked.

I smiled and swallowed my spoonful. "Yes it is."

"Get some for me?" He asked.

I laughed "how about you get some yourself."

He groaned and I smiled and continued to eat. I heard a knock. Harry was shirtless and in jeans. I looked at my outfit. It was just simple cheer shorts and one of Harry's shirts. We both exchanged glances and we made our way to the door.

I opened it with Harry next to me. It was some girl. I put on a fake smile. Harry was still standing there and she was checking him out.

"Uhh. Hi." I greeted.

She smiled and focused her eyes on me. "Hi. I just moved across the street. My name is rose. Your house is really big by the way."

Rose. Ugh. "Well I'm Ellie. This is Harry. And thanks." I said.

She smiled "well my parents sent me over to introduce us. My mom was hoping you guys could have dinner with us sometime."

I fake smiled "well. They are out of town right now. They should be back tomorrow or something. I will tell them."

She nodded and pointed to Harry "does he speak?"

"Yes he does." I answered.

I glared at Harry "well I better make sure the ice cream doesn't melt. Rose it was a pleasure." He said and walked off.

I looked back at her. "Well we have school in about two days so I guess I'll see you there?"

She smiled and nodded. Then I shut the door. Bitch.

I walked in the kitchen. Harry was eating my icecream.

"Harrrryyyyyy." I whined.

He laughed with ice cream still in his mouth. I groaned.

"Awe baby. Come here." He smiled.

A small smile played on my lips. I walked over to him. He patted his lap for me to sit down. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he got a spoonful.

"Open up." He whispered in my ear causing me to shiver. I smiled and opened my mouth. He put ice cream in my mouth.

I ate it and took the spoon. I got a spoonful and smirked.

I acted like I was gonna eat it but then I put it on his nose.

He laughed and I jumped off. He grabbed whipped cream off of the table and squirted it on me.

I took it from him and did it to him. We both had whipped cream covering our faces.

We stared into each other's eyes and he made his way to me. We both leaned in and kissed.

Our lips moved in sync and I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms made their way around my waist.

I smiled into the kiss and we both pulled away.

"Did it taste good?" He smiled and whispered.

I rested my head on his chest. "Mmh."

We started to sway. Both of our eyes were closed and he was humming 'you n' I' by Ed sheeran. It's cool because Harry and Ed are close mates. He said he can introduce us sometime.

I heard someone clear their throat and I opened my eyes.

My parents were standing there. I let go of Harry and his eyes opened and he turned around. His chest didn't have cream anymore. The only cream was on the floor.

"Mom. Dad." I screeched.

My mom smiled. She actually likes Harry. My dad says he's a bad boy and their nothing but heartbreakers.

It's cute how different they are but they love each other so much.

"We came home early darling. How are you Harry?" My mom said to me then turning her attention to Harry.

He smiled "I'm good Mrs. White. How are you?"

She laughed "I'm wonderful darling. But please, call me Karol. You make me sound like bill's mom. We don't want that now do we. She's like a witch."

I laughed "mom that's grams your talking about."

My dad chucked "well it's not a false accusation."

He stopped when he remembered Harry. "What is he doing here?"

I glared at him "dad he's my boyfriend and I didn't want to be alone."

"We were gone for about a week. (A/n I'm sorry I don't know how long I said they were gone) why didn't you call Ali or Kaitlin." He asked.

"Dad they have boyfriends. Please just get to know him?" I pleaded.

He sighed "if I must. We will have dinner tonight. we were stopped by the new neighbors and we invited them."

I was a little upset about them but I'm happy he's finally giving Harry a chance.

"Thank you sir. I really appreciate it." Harry said. For some reason his accent seems stronger.

My mom is French and my dad is British. So I have that accent too.

My dad nodded and my mom and him went to unpack.

I smiled at Harry. I kissed his cheek.

"Go home and get ready. Come back later. Drive your range rover. My dad seems to like it even know he doesn't like you." I laughed.

He returned the laugh. "Well that's what tonight's for right? And it was either the range rover or my moms mini van."

"Oh shit. Kaitlin invited us to dinner with her and Niall. I'm gonna have to call her and tell her another day." I said.

He nodded and went upstairs. He came back with a shirt on and I hugged and kissed him bye. I called Kaitlin and she answered on the third ding.

"Hey what's up?" She asked.

"Well I have dinner with the new neighbors, my parents, and Harry tonight so we have to have that date another time." I said.

She said "that's fine. We have.... Other plans."

"Haha. Well have fun. I'll see you at school."

"Okay. See ya mate."

I hung up and hopped in the shower.

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