Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


3. first date

Ellie's P.O.V

It was a week later. I know Harry has been getting closer with the team and boys and that's awesome.

I got bored so I texted Harry.

Me: Hey curly.

Harry xx : hey we are still wondering who Kaitlin likes.

Me: tell Niall to stop asking and eat something else.

Harry xx : you know him so well haha.

Me: Ask me again tomorrow when the weekend is over.

Harry xx : you know that tomorrow is the pep rally right? Then the game Tuesday. And you still haven't shown me what you look like in your uniform :(

Me: don't worry you will see tomorrow and Tuesday.

Harry xx : thank god. You can meet me in our secret spot.

Me: we have to stay a secret until you take me on a date.

Harry xx : Practice doesn't start until after the dance so I have plenty of time.

Me: soon I hope

Just then Ali and Kaitlin walked through the door. I have been spending lots of time with Kaitlin lately.

I tapped the seats next to me on the couch. Then my phone buzzed.

Harry xx : ok then :)

Me: I have to go ;) bye

Harry xx : bye :(

I set my phone down and Ali and Kaitlin were looking at me. "Does someone have a crush on bad boy Harry?" The asked me.

I laughed "I don't have crushes."

Ali asked me "have you had sex yet?"

I shook my head no "we have made sexual references."

Ali smiled at me "if it wasn't a crush you would have done him and he would be begging for more." It caused Kaitlin to laugh and nod.

"Can I tell the boys tomorrow about your crush Kaitlin?" I asked her.

She almost said something but closed her mouth then said it "yea." She was blushing.

I jumped up in excitement. "Yesss!! Finally!!

Just then my mom and dad walked through the door.

"Can we talk to you in private?" My dad asked.

I shook my head "what ever you need to say to me you can say in front of them."

My mom looked at my father and said "you have only been in school for a week and your grades are slipping. This year you have to have good grades to be on the cheerleading team."

I felt like i was gonna cry "fine what do I have to do?"

My dad answered "a tutor."

I looked at Kaitlin "Kaitlin can you tutor me? I know you are on the honor what ever."

She nodded and I ran over to her and hugged her. My parents went upstairs to their room and I said "thank you Kaitlin."

Ali's mouth opened "did you just say thank you."

I laughed. "this has to be kept secret."

I looked at them both and they nodded. We just watched movies for the rest of the day.

~the next morning~

"Wake up Ellie today's a big day" is what I woke up to. And Ali jumping on my bed.

I groaned "get off of me bitch."

She laughed and continued so I pushed her. "Ok I'm up." She smiled.

"Go get ready. Your uniform is on your sofa over there." She said.

I grabbed my uniform and went into my rooms bathroom. I got out of my pajama pants and t-shirt. I hopped in the shower. The hot water ok my back felt good. When I was done I put my uniform. I brushed my teeth and hair. I put my hair in a high pony and put my bow on.

I went outside the bathroom and Ali was wearing the same thing as me. Obviously. She had a different color bow than me though.

She whistled "Harry won't be able to keep his hands off you."

I smiled "no boy ever can."

She smiled "cocky Ellie very cocky."

I grabbed my keys and we drove to school. We weren't late because she woke me up early. When I walked in about every guy was staring at us. "Didn't I tell you Ali." I said while we were walking.

Noah stopped us in the hall. "How about we leave school today. An hour is all we need. We can be back before the pep rally."

I laughed and shook my head. I tried to walk but he grabbed my arm and kissed me and I pulled away. "Noah I don't love you anymore I don't want you."

He laughed "I'm gonna get you in the end I always will." Ali pulled me away. We continued to walk. She stopped at her locker and I continued to mine. I opened it and many notes fell out. I tried to pick them up but a random person I don't know did it for me.

"Thanks." I smiled.

He handed me the cards and laughed. "What's all this?"

I laughed too "there is a Christmas dance in about 3 months."

He smiled "then why are there so many people asking so far."

Before I could answer Noah walked over and put his hand over my shoulder. He answered for me "because she's so hot."

I pushed his hand off and said "stop Noah."

I sighed and said "what ever I have to get to class. See you later." Then I shut my locker and hurried to class. Who was that boy? New person? I don't know.

When I walked into class I sat down and Harry came over to me and sat down in his assigned seat. "Hey Ellie." He greeted me.

"Hi Harry." I sighed.

He said "Ellie's what's wrong?"

I looked at him "well Noah's being stupid like always, and there is this boy-."

Harry cut me off "boy huh. Getting rid of me before you even have me."

I laughed "never."

It caused him to chuckle. After class me and Harry walked to study hall. We both immediately walked to the back of the library because that's our new meeting place I guess.

We went into the corner and he pinned me against the bookshelf and started to kiss me. It was rough like normal. He pulled away and said "your right you are hot in your uniform. But then again your hot anyway."

I laughed "even hotter without it on. Without anything on."

He smiled "I can imagine that. Hopefully I won't have to imagine it for much longer."

I smiled back "maybe. Actually I'm surprised you haven't asked me to the dance yet."

He laughed "it's in like 3 months."

I said "many people have asked me already. You should ask me before I say yes to one of them and have hot sex with them after."

He bit his lip "Ellie wanna go to the dance with me?"

I nodded and I kissed him. He pushed me up harder against the shelf. When he stopped he said "when do I get you?"

I smiled "when we get closer."

He came closer to me and said something in my ear "what if I already know you well."

His hot breath gave me shivers "then you have to convince me." I told him. He smiled "wanna come over to my place after school we can hang out."

I laughed "tempting but me and Kaitlin have to do something." Then I got a text. It was Ali.

Ali: Your parents told Kaitlin she couldn't tutor you and they got you a different tutor.

Me: they are bitches you know who it is?

Ali: no but I know it's some person on high honors.

Me:AHHHHH ok tell her I'm sorry my parents are idiots.

Ali: haha ok

I put my phone down and Harry started to kiss my neck. He kissed my sweet spot and I moaned quietly. I'm actually surprised no one has come back here before.

I pushed him away and walked away. He followed me. "Harry do you have a life other than following me around." I whispered laughing a little.

He smiled and whispered back "yes actually I though you would just want your phone."

I smiled "thank you." Then he nodded and started talking to one of the cheerleaders on the team. He's such a flirt. And he's also my date to the dance now.

I sat down and pulled out my phone and was about to text someone when I felt someone behind me. I looked behind me and it was that boy from the hall.

"Ellie right?" He asked sitting down next to me. I nodded. He said "my names Eli."

I smiled. He laughed "you realize this is study hall right?" I nodded again.

He said "your parents didn't hire me to let you sit on your phone during study hall."

My mouth opened wide "your my tutor?"

He nodded. "But you don't look like a nerd."

He laughed "I get that a lot."

I smiled "do you have this class with me?"

He shook his head "but if were gonna study I'm gonna have to transfer."

I shook my head "if we study we do it at my house. I can't risk anyone knowing I'm studying."

He laughed and made the mouth closed sign with his hand and mouth.

Eli is tall like Harry. He has green eyes. His hair is the same color as mine.

"Do you have my address?" I asked and he nodded.

"It's your first day right?" I asked him. He nodded.

"How did my parents find you already?" I asked.

He smiled "before I moved here I signed up for the tutor program and they contacted the school who contacted me."

I nodded in understanding. I looked over at Harry who was looking at me.

I looked back at Eli and said "do you need my phone number?" He nodded and I gave it to him.

Harry's P.O.V

Who was that guy over there? Lunch was next and I had two things to look forward to.

1. Who the hell that guy is.

2. Who does Kaitlin like?

I walked over to Ellie and that guy. "Ellie can I talk to you?" I asked her.

She looked at him and he nodded. She stood up and we walked so no one could hear us.

"Ellie do you want to go on a date with me?" I asked her.

She laughed "I thought you would never ask."

I smiled "tonight?"

She smiled and nodded. Then the bell rang so we walked to lunch.

I sat down at my usual table and the boys were there. There is 6 seats per table so Ellie sat down with us after we all got our lunches.

"I'm not staying but are you guys ready to know which one of you Kaitlin likes?" Ellie asked us all.

We all nodded and Louis and Niall seemed most excited.

She looked at all of us and said "boys, she likes...……Niall." Everyone looked at him. His eyes were glowing. He looked like someone just handed him a 4 servings of Nando's.

He started to smile. "Thank god because I like her too." He said.

She laughed and got up. I grabbed her arm before she could get away "pick you up at 7."

Then I let her arm go and she nodded and walked away.

The boys all were smiling at me "what?" I asked and started to eat.

They just shrugged smiling. The rest of the day I couldn't help but smile.

~skipping pep rally~

Ellie's P.O.V

The rest of the day was filled with smiling. When I was getting everything from my locker to leave Eli walked over to me. "So when do we start?" He asked me.

I looked him and then continued to grab my stuff "Wednesday "

He frowned "your parents want me to start as soon as possible."

I started to walk away and he followed me "well I have a date tonight, and tomorrow we have a game and if you haven't noticed I'm a cheerleader."

He said "ok but the new schedule starting Wednesday is we study Monday-Wednesday from 5-8:30."

I said "make it 5:30. I have cheer practice until 5 everyday." Then i got in my car. I waited for Ali. She got in and I started driving. "Who's the hottie?" She asked.

I stopped at a red light "he's my new tutor."

She smiled "he doesn't look like a nerd what's his name."

I laughed "that's what I said. And Eli." I laughed again.

"What?" She asked.

I smiled "Liam likes you."

"Did Harry tell you that?" She questioned.

I shook my head "I can tell. The whole time I was talking to them he was staring at you."

She started to blush "hookup!!" I yelled.

I dropped her off and drove home. I immediately looked in my closet. Then I remembered I didn't know where we were going.

Me: Harry where are we going for the date?

Harry xx : it's a secret

Me: I need to know what to wear!!

Harry xx : short sleeves and comfortable.

Me: ok.

I decided to wear black jeggings with a t-shirt.

I curled the tips of my natural straight hair. By the time I was finished it was 6:30. I had a text message.

Eli: hi

Me: hi?

Eli: you know we can be friends right. You said it yourself I don't look like a nerd.

Me: sorry it's just I was confused.

Eli: is your boyfriend with you?

Me: I don't have a boyfriend. This is our first date.

Eli: well is he there?

Me: not yet he comes at 7.

Eli: ok so how about Wednesday we go out on a date instead of study.

Me: nope.

Eli: come on why?

Me: because what if tonight I get asked to be someone's girlfriend?

Eli: then we go hang out as friends.

Me: fine. No restaurants though.

Eli: fine.

Me: hey I have to go, he will be here in 10 minutes.

Eli: what's his name.

Me: Harry.

Eli: ok bye.

Me: bye.

I walked downstairs and I grabbed my wallet. Then I heard a knock.

I opened it and Harry was there. "Come in." I said.

He walked in and saw my wallet. "Leave your wallet here."

I smiled "not until you tell me where we're going."

He laughed "fine, bowling."

A big smile appeared on my face. "I haven't been there in ages."

He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. I pulled away "bowling remember."

He laughed "fine, are your parents here though?"

I shook my head "they are on an anniversary vacation for the month."

He smiled "the month?"

I laughed "they need to get away from me. Plus it's not like we can't afford it."

He laughed "well let's go then."

He grabbed my hand and I threw my wallet on the sofa. He opened the door for me. When he got in the car I laughed. "What?" He asked.

"At school your a bad boy but here your not." I said.

He smiled "I am in bed."

I laughed.

"But your not as bad as you seem either." He said.

I smiled. He started to drive and we were there in no time.

He got out and hurried to my door and opened it.

~skipping bowling~

We got out of there and I was full because of the food we ate.

"I was surprised you didn't just stick with a salad." He laughed as we got into the car.

I smiled "I know I'm skinny and I do workouts so I don't have to go on diets and starve myself."

He smiled at me "that's what adds to your perfection list."

I started blushing. I don't blush. This is bad. First the feelings of sparks, now I'm blushing. Crap.

"When we met you made it obvious you didn't want a boyfriend but will you be my girlfriend please." He said. It caught me off guard.

I smiled "I know I said that but I say a lot of things. Yes I will be your girlfriend."

He kissed me. It wasn't a long kiss though because we had to leave.

We got in the car and he drove me home. I smiled when he pulled into the driveway.

"Wanna come in?" I asked him.

He laughed "yes but we have school tomorrow and I don't think your ready for me yet."

I smiled "is that so."


"Maybe soon I will be."

"Ok I had fun tonight."

"So did I. Let's do that again soon."

"Are you against PDA?"

I shook my head.


I laughed and got out. I opened my house door and opened it. I immediately got in the shower so I didn't have to do it tomorrow morning. I set an alarm. Weird I know.

~the next morning~

Harry's P.O.V

When I woke up I thought of last night. That date was amazing.

I got up and got a shower. And got dressed. We had a game tonight so we had to wear our game clothes.

I put my football (soccer) shorts on and my jersey.

After I was done I texted Ellie.

Me: whatcha wearing?

Ellie :I'm getting changed.

Me: so the answer to that is nothing? (Please say yes)

Ellie: haha. I'm wearing my bra and underwear.

Me: ah I can imagine me ripping you out of that.

Ellie: so does that mean your one of those horny teenage boys?

Me: YUS!! You know that.

Ellie: well I'm sad now.

Me: why? :(

Ellie: because you just reminded me of my unicorn that I killed. She was being a bitch so I stabbed her.

Me: now I'm scared.

Ellie: I have to go. I'm leaving for school now.

Me: ok see ya there.

After that I went downstairs and grabbed my keys off of the counter and got in my car.

Then I drove to school. When I got there I didn't bother to go to my locker. I went to Ellie's.

I walked over to her and started to kiss her. She kissed me back. I slid my tongue on her bottom lip asking for entrance. Which she granted.

Our tongues fought for dominance. Mine won. It lasted for a while until we were interrupted by a voice.

I pulled away and it was Niall. He was holding his crotch. Ellie didn't notice. I said "sorry" to her and I pulled him to the bathroom.

When we got there I checked the stalls to make sure no one was there. It was empty. I looked at Niall.

"First how did this happen. Second what do we do?" I asked.

He looked at me in a panicked look "I don't know I was with Kaitlin and I guess she got a new uniform and her bottoms fell. And I don't know. I will make something up."

I nodded and walked out. I walked back to Ellie and that boy was there again. I walked over to her and grabbed her waist. I pulled her closer to me. She laid her head on my chest.

I introduced myself to him. "Hi I'm Harry."

He replied "I'm Eli. I'm tutoring Ellie."

I continued to look at Eli "I didn't know she was getting tutored."

He nodded "we haven't started yet and we just got everything together today.

I just smiled.

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