Overrated (1D fanfic)

Ellie is 17. She isn't good in school. She's a bad ass. She meets Harry and thinks of him as a toy she can play with at first. When they don't do anything for a couple of weeks she thinks she might start to like him. They will go to hell and back for each other.


5. 3 months later

* 3 months later*

Ellie's P.O.V

I have been better in school, me and Harry have gotten closer and went on more dates. Cheerleading is perfect and completion starts in a week.

The dance is in 5 days and I need to go shopping. It's a Sunday. I called Harry.

H= Harry E=Ellie

H=El, what's up?

E= did you get your tux yet?

H= yea.

E= what's the color?

H= a neon plus sort of.

E= thanks you.

H= your welcome but why?

E= I haven't got my dress yet. (I trailed off at the end)

H= El, what are we gonna do with you? (He laughed)

E= I have an idea of what you can do to me.

H= haha well ok just go get your dress.

E= ok Harry bye.

H= bye don't shop alone.

E= I won't bye.

I immediately texted Ali and she agreed. She was here in ten minutes.

I opened the door "first of all how did you not get your dress yet?" She said.

I shrugged. "I've been busy."

She pulled my arm. "Let's go!"

She drove her car. We got to the store and started looking at dresses. I found a perfect dress. I sent a picture of the color to Harry. He said it's the exact color of his tux so I bought it. Wait until he sees me in it. I bought matching shoes and accessories.

I bought a cute necklace too. When we were done we went out to eat. She dropped me off back home and I put my stuff away. I went to sleep after that.

Harry's P.O.V

I was actually excited to go to the dance. I woke up and got ready. I drove to school and the day seemed to fly by after that.

After school Ellie came up to me.

"Hey what are you doing?" She asked me.

I laughed "nothing. Probably go home play FIFA, eat, you know."

She bit her lip "well me and Eli are done tutoring now. Wanna hang out?"

I nodded and smiled. "My mom might be home."

She smiled and said "good. I've been wanting to meet her."

She got in her car and we drove separate cars to my house. When we both got out we walked in the house.

We walked in and my mom and Robin were there. "Hey guys." I greeted them.

My mom stood up from her place on the couch "hello Harry. Who's this cutie?"

I smiled "this is Ellie my girlfriend. Ellie this is my mom Anne. And sitting on the couch is Robin her husband."

Ellie put a hand out to greet them. "It's a pleasure to meet you guys."

My mom shook it "you too."

I laughed "were gonna go in my room."

My mom smiled "are you sure. We were about to go to that restaurant that you love. She can come."

I shook my head "were fine."

Robin stood up "I guess it's your loss then. Come on."

Then they left. Me and Ellie went upstairs. She pulled out her phone. I took it from her "hey!" She called.

I set it on my desk and bit my lip. She laughed "no we agreed after the dance."

I said "fine but can we make out a little?"

She nodded. I took my shirt off. "What are you doing?" She laughed.

I replied "what I just did."

I sat down on the bed. She came onto my lap and wrapped her legs around me.

We kissed for what seemed forever. I made sure it was a soft kiss because if it was rough who know what we would be doing right now.

I laughed when we pulled away. "What?" She asked.

I smiled "we keep saying were gonna have sex after the dance but both of our parents will be there. I doubt your parents would let me stay because your dad hates me."

She laughed "he doesn't hate you. He just doesn't like the idea of you."

"But still what should we do?" I asked.

She shrugged. "I could get my parents to go to that cruise they wanted to go on."

I bit and nodded.

"Do you want it slow the first time?" I asked her.

She laughed "like what?"

I smiled "like no oral, and low moaning."

She shook her head. "I'm gonna be fine."

I cuddled her in my arms and we fell asleep. When I woke up it was 5 am. I woke her up.

"Ellie we have school in 2 hours." I woke her.

She groaned "what if we tell them that you got me sick and we stay here the whole day and cuddle?" She asked.

I said "ok fine. One day of school and practice won't hurt."

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