5 Seconds of Love

(5SOS FanFic) Olivia Joy doesn't know that she ran into one of the most popular bands at her local cafe, but if she had known she still wouldn't of cared. Liv hates mainstream boy bands and all the fans that come with, but that doesn't stop Michael Clifford from taking interest in Liv. Will Liv ever show him the time of day? And is she does will she take the package that Michael carries? (The band, the fans, etc.)


2. New Friend

I looked at her for a moment before I could ask who this Five Seconds of Summer even was. I flew through my memory bank to see if this group ever sounded familiar to me ever. Then I tried to recall any time where Allie had squealed over them in the past. I shook my head slightly. “Who are they?” Of course that was a stupid question.


“Who are they? You have got to be kidding me! They are like the punk version of 1D. They are the four gods of music! They are my life and Calum and I will be wed!” She screamed out.


I felt my eyes grow big as her crazy talk grew more towards insanely obsessive. Honestly the way she screamed about them terrified me. She was probably one of the girls that would cry at their concert. Not that I am judging people who cry at bands or anything. I am just saying the excitement is real along with the rage of a crazed fan.


“I highly doubt you are going to marry someone who has no clue you exist.” I finally said.


“Pardon me! He will know once we go to this concert.”


“Once you go.”


This time she glared at me. “We are going. You can deal with it.”


I stood up from my seat, my chair almost tipping over. “You can go to hell.” I said as I made my way out of the cafe.


“Love you too! Call me.” I heard her laugh behind me.


I turned slightly and made a heart with my hands. “I will.”


*  *  *


“Olivia, can you come in here a sec?” My mom yelled from the living room.


I finished putting my long blond hair into a messy ponytail before I made my way down the steps and entered the living room. My mother and a man I had never seen before where sitting on the love seat, across from the large flat screen television that I spent plenty of my time playing video games at. Everything looked cleaner than normal. My games were stacked up and someone had put away my gaming chair. The rugs had been swept and the hardwood floor mopped. You could smell the scent of pine-sol in the air.


“Whatcha need?” I asked, trying to sound a little more friendly because of the unexpected company- well, unexpected to me.


My mom stood up, smiling brighter than I have seen it. “This is Roy, Roy this is my daughter Olivia. We have been dating for a while now Olivia.”


I walked over to him and put my hand out. “Call me Liv, please.” I was trying to be so nice because my mother deserved to be happy. She has been single ever since my dad and her split and I think it was time for her to get back out there to find love once again. It was nice to see her so smiley anyway.


“Nice to meet you Liv.” He accepted my hand and shook it gently.


“You kids have fun, whatever it is that you’re going to do.” I said, grabbing my skateboard by the front door.


“Honey I-” My mom began, but I cut her off.


“I will be home soon, call me if you need me.” And I opened the door and walked out.


I skated to the near by skate park down by the beach where I always go. I had made a couple friends there as time went on and they always dared me to do certain tricks and who ever lost had to by that person ice cream. It was more exciting than being home alone for the rest of my life.


“Liv is here!” Mark yelled from the top of the ramp when I reached an acceptable distance to be recognized. When I got closer he jumped down and ran over to me, skateboard in hand. “We have a noob here today.” He laughed.


“His name is Luke I guess.” Razor peared behind Mark. “But he only has a long board and an accept.”


“Oh man, that’s lame.” I said, still standing on my board.


Mark used his pointer finger to point to which guy it was. I looked over and saw a guy in a black zip up with the hood up and sunglasses on. The only thing you could really see was his blond hair gelled straight up. It was too hot out to have a sweatshirt like that on. In this California weather he must be dieing.  “Has he done anything cool yet?”


“No man, he has just been checking out everyone else’s moves and stuff. I guess he was here with a couple more guys but they left.” Razor answered.


“Who cares, let’s just do what we do.” I finally said, adjusting my circular lensed sunglasses.


Mark and I were the first to hit the ramp. going back and forth catching tricks in the air till it was Razor and Aaron’s turn. When we were done we sat at the top of the ramp with our feet dangling. I kept looking over at Luke because he was facing us the whole time. Eventually I called him over and you could tell he was hesitant. He ended up coming over though.


“Hey man, wanna take a turn?” I asked him once he grew closer the the ramp.


He hesitated for a moment, like I was going to attack him or something. “I’m good. don’t ride much anymore.”


“Whatever man, you’re missing out on ice cream.” Mark laughed.


He paused for just a moment. “Will there be cookies n’ cream?”


“Hell yeah there will.” Razor yelled as he finished his last trick and slid down the ramp.


*  *  *


“Okay okay so I owe you Ice cream, big deal asshole.” Razor told me.


“You’re just mad cause you owe everyone.” Mark laughed, walking towards the ice cream cart.


“What can I say, I am bad at betting.” razor shrugged, throwing his helmet on the ground.


Luke smiled down at his feet. “Well I had an awesome time with you guys but I should get back to the hotel, I really wasn’t supposed to be this long anyway.” His accent sounded similar to the guy at the Cafe.


“You have to have the ice cream though.” I insisted.


He shook his head and smiled at me. His blue eyes were so bright in the sun. He had taken his sunglasses off once they fell of his face on the ramp. I couldn’t help but smile back and quickly look down. Then I remember seeing him with the guy I ran into and quickly made the connection. I almost jumped when Mark put his arm around me and Luke. “It’s not all the time we find someone new and chill at the skate park. Normally we don’t bother with noobs.” He said.


“Yeah, they are all first timers anyway.” Razor added.


We made it to the ice cream cart and Razor started shouting out our orders that we wanted in a very disappointed look on his face. Luke just kept glancing at me, it was like I was on display or something in a museum. Mark noticed to and decided to pick on him a bit.


“Take a picture it will last longer.” He said.


Luke looked away suddenly just as my phone went off. i looked at the caller ID and noticed it said Allie. I realized I forgot to call her back yesterday. “Hey doll face.” I said into the phone.


Suddenly she started yelling profanities at me. “You know you have to get ready for our trip in a couple of days. Those tickets were last minute you know! Plus you never called me back when you left the cafe yesterday you loser!”


“Yeah yeah we will go to your stupid Five Seconds of Summer concert don’t you worry.” I laughed. I took the phone away from my face and looked apologetically at Luke and the rest of the guys. “Sorry I have a crazed girl on the other end of this here phone.”


“Allie?” Razor asked. I nodded and watched as Marks face lit up, he certainly had interest in my best friend.


Luke looked away, continuing enjoying his free ice cream. I placed the phone back to my ear. “I know it’s not stupid to you. Yes yes, I get that you’re going to marry one of the members congrats, hope I am invited to the wedding.”


“You are never going to pack are you?” She asked me, ignoring my comment about her future wedding plans.


I stood there as the guys looked around for a picnic table. “I don’t want to go see your stupid boy band, but I will pack later. Yes you will have to come strangle me to actually get me to do it.”


“I’ll be over tomorrow then. Bye love you.”


“Love you too.” I heard the other line disconnect and place the phone back into my left front pocket.


We sat down at the picnic table. “So Allie is making you go to some concert again?” Mark asked.


I nodded my head. “Some boy band I suppose.”


“Is it one direction?” I saw the fear in Razor’s eyes from across the table.


I shook my head violently. “Oh god no, but I guess it’s something like that. They are called Five Seconds of Summer I think. Allie said they are punk”


“Sounds lame.” Mark chuckled, “good luck with that one.”


“I am going to need it.” I licked my ice cream.


We all looked at Luke who was sitting there quietly just staring at his ice cream. It was hard to read his face but he looked to be pretty singled out of something. All the sudden he stood up with his long board. “Hey I gotta get back guys.”


Before even thinking I told Luke to give me his phone. He looked at me cluelessly but handed me the device and I added my number into it. “Now if you want to hang out at anytime, you can get a hold of me.” I smiled, handing it back. “It was really cool to get to hang with you.”


“You too.” He said, and waved us all goodbye.


“He looks like he would be in a boy band.” Razor chuckled.


Mark looked at him like he was crazy. “No way man, he is way too cool.”


*  *  *


When I got home my mom was in the kitchen making supper. I didn’t see her boyfriend so i assumed He went home. I wasn’t up for the whole bonding thing anyway so I am glad it was just me and my mother. She looked up from her cooking duties to greet me. I sat down at my seat at the table and greeted her as well.


“I forgot to tell you, Allie got tickets to some band and its in a couple days. Sorry it’s kind of a last minute thing but I guess it is out of town.” I finally told her.


“Well okay.” Was all she said. that’s all she needed to say. I didn’t have to ask to go anywhere, I kind of just went.


“I’ll call you when we get to the hotel and stuff too.” I told her.


“That’s fine.” She said, stirring what was in the pot.


I got up and ran up the stares, when i went to change into some comfortable clothing I realized I had taken Luke’s sunglasses and cursed because he never gave me his number. I never really knew if he would text me but he probably wouldn’t. I shrugged it off. I guess I got a free pair of sunglasses.


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