5 Seconds of Love

(5SOS FanFic) Olivia Joy doesn't know that she ran into one of the most popular bands at her local cafe, but if she had known she still wouldn't of cared. Liv hates mainstream boy bands and all the fans that come with, but that doesn't stop Michael Clifford from taking interest in Liv. Will Liv ever show him the time of day? And is she does will she take the package that Michael carries? (The band, the fans, etc.)


1. Concert Tickets

A/N: HEYY!! I wanted to start out by saying sorry this first chapter is short. I feel like in the future I will make them longer. Secondly This is my FIRST fanfiction so please please please cut me some slack and do not strangle me. c: THANKS. Enjoy please. c:

* * * *

The smell of muffins and coffee filled my nose as I sluggishly walked through the glass doors of my favourite café. I glanced around but could not see any familiar faces so I decided to make my way to the counter to get myself some of the warm liquid that would wake me right up. I held back a smile of satisfaction for the coffee I was about to retrieve but, I didn’t want people to think I actually enjoyed mornings, because let’s face it, I hated them. But when you get a distress signal from a best friend, you just have to wake up. Which was exactly what I did for my best friend.


I looked over my shoulder a couple of times as I waited for my coffee to get done. I feared for my life that Allie was going to attack me with hugs, kisses, and thank yous for coming here so early. When my order was ready I took a step forward to the counter all to just run into someone else. I stumbled back a little, surprised that someone had been in front of me.


“The hell?” I blurted out. Clearly I wasn’t a people person either.


“Someone hasn’t had their cup of coffee this morning.” the voice coming from the person I bumped into.  I snapped my head forward and glared at a boy with colourfully spiked hair and a shirt that said Idiot. At least he tells people what he is.


The woman at the front announced again that my beverage was done. “Whatever.” I muttered, manoeuvring my way around him to get to my cup of joy and happiness as I silently wished he hadn't talked to me in the first place. Why couldn’t he fear my look like everyone else.


Normally the whole I-could-kill-you-72.5-different-ways glare got to people. That and my ‘punk’ look. Allie says the reason I don’t have many friends is because my lack of socializing and my black lipstick, but I hate people and she can suck it.


I watch as the boy walks out of the café with three other guys. He looked back at me along with his friends but I lost interest rather quickly and looked away.


“Olivia Sunday Joy, The hell you been?” She yelled. I cringed at my full name being called out in public, or in general. “I have been waiting for you forever!” Well so much for hugs and kisses.


“I was running into people.” I said to Allie.


“Oh my god, I feel so bad for this person. Why on this beautiful day was this very human the one to get the look and almost die?” She chuckled, like it was some kind of great joke.


“I came outside for you and I am feeling so attacked right now.” I placed a hand on my chest, as if I was really hurt.


Allie rolled her eyes. “Anyway, I feel as if we should sit down. I have big news!” Instead of waiting for an okay like any normal human being, Allie just grabbed my arm and tugged at it till I moved at an acceptable speed to our original table in the back of the café, right by the window.


We sat there for a good five minutes before I decided to open my mouth. She held out her hand and pressed it to my face. I glared at her and mumbled stop into her hand, but she continued to ruin my lipstick with her grubby little fingers. I felt as if her rings were going to cut up my face.


“I have concert tickets!” She finally blurted. The smile on her face told me that my face had lit up from the news.


“Tickets to see who exactly?”


“Now now my little Olivia, that is something I cannot share with you just yet.”


“Stop calling me Olivia.” I finally took a sip of my lovely french vanilla coffee.


She looked at me as if she was taken back. “Is that not your name?” She gasped dramatically, hand over her mouth. “Is that not what your beautiful mother named you?”


“Allie.” I groaned.


“I have been your friend for years and I have just been clueless to what your name was?”


She was so dramatic. “Shut up.”


“So these tickets.” She changed the subject. “They were so hard to get. I almost let someone take advantage of me to get these god like tickets.”


“You are ridiculous.”


“Do you know me any other way?”


“So who are we going to see?” I felt hope build up. I was hoping she got some seriously good tickets to some indie band I was so into at the moment.


“This isn’t just some lame underground indie band you love, Olivia. These are, like I said, god like tickets.”


Oh no. Oh god no. It was going to be some lame rapper or some horrid pop singer. It could be  so much worse, a boy band. I heard ‘the duh duh duh’ play into my head. “No Allie I refuse to go.”


“You don’t even know who is playing!” She placed her elbows on the little table in front of us.


“But Liv.” She Placed her hands in front of her face, clasping together, begging me.


I looked at her for a long time, shaking my head and refusing to see whoever she wanted to ruin my life with. I mean yeah sometimes I did enjoy myself with the concerts she forcefully drags me to, but most of the fan base for the artists are ridiculous. Getting pushed and having screaming crazed girls and boys next to me is not my cup of tea.


“No.” I finally said.


She gave me the puppy dog face as of this point. “You don’t even know who is playing!”


“Who is playing?”


“You’ll never know until you say yes.”


I mulled it over, not wanting to give in because of my stubbornness. I slapped my hands on the table and sighed deeply. “Whatever.”


“Is that a yes?”


“It is a yes alright.” I was so not excited. “So who are you dragging me to see this time. If it is Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus I will kill you.”


“It’s not.” She smiled big, you could see the joy in her eyes.


“Then who?”


She paused for what she calls dramatic effect. “Five seconds of summer.”  she squealed.


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