Empty Tears*Niall Horan

Fearne was the girl who had it all, looks, money and pretty much became famous by 5 boys turning her world upside down.
Things are going great until the unexpected happens. She dissapears.
She has left clues for each of the boys to find with the help of the girls aswell, but can they find her before time runs out?


3. The Time

Fearne's P.O.V

I woke up by the sound of my alarm, It was the day of the tour! I had to be ready for 05:00 and it was  03:30 so i got up and got a shower and put
on this then got my breakfast and checked that I had everything. I facetimed all the boys but none answered, one last person. Niall.

Niall's P.O.V

I was just getting dressed when my facetime rang, I ran over and saw Fearne's name pop up and I quickly fixed myself.
"Hey Fearne." I answered uneasily.
"Hiyah Niall, I was just wondering who's picking me up."
"Um, I think Simon is, he should be there soon." I scratched my neck nervously.
"Oh ok, thanks Nialler!" She winked and ended the call.
My heart nearly stopped, she called me Nialler! I could tell this summer was to be good.

Liam's P.O.V

We all got on the tour bus and picked our bunks and left our suitcases on our beds to be unpacked later.

We all sat down and had a bit on banter but I soon noticed that Niall was a bit distant so I pulled him out of the room.
"Niall whats wrong?"
"Nothing." He started messing with his fingers refusing to look at me.
"Somethings up, you're not yourself." I sighed.
"It's just Fearne." He bit his lip.
"What about her, do you not like her?"
"I DO SHE'S PERFECT!" He whisper shouted.
He covered his mouth, "I-i"
I smirked, "Go talk to her then, mess about and have a laugh and see where it goes from there." I laughed.
"Thanks" He winked.
"Go get her!" I shouted.
"Shh!" He ran off
Job done, I smiled to myself, go on son.

Fearne's P.O.V

Whenever Niall and Liam went into the bunk room we all put hot oil over the floor and ran bak to the sofa whenever we heard Niall come back out, he ran out and fell flat on his face.
"Ow." he grumbled.
"Here." I laughed running over and holding out my hand to help him up.
Instead of grabbing my hand he grabbed my ankle making me slip and fall on top of him. He started tickling me.
"Niall stop!" I giggled kicking him.
        Louis ran over and pulled me up out of his grasp.
"RUN!" we all shouted.
"I swear to God whenever I get youse.." Niall growled
We all split up and hid, I jumped into the food cupboard and after 10 minutes I heard that everybody had been found but me.
Soon I heard Niall go, "I'll find her but I need some food first."
Oh no...
He opened the cupboard and I screamed.
"I've got this sorted." Zayn smirked and put me over his shoulder.
"No!" I punched and kicked him but I was too weak, he soon sat me down on the sofa.
______________________________________________________________________________________ So here I was sitting on my bunk playing my guitar when Niall walked in, he stopped.
"I didn't know you played guitar?"
"You don't know a lot of things!" I laughed.
"You're amazing," He breathed, walked over and say beside me.
"Do you play?" I asked.
"Yeah, can I teach you a few things?"
"Sure." I smiled and he placed his hand over mine and guided me.

Harry's P.O.V

I heard Zayn go to Louis "Aw cuties."
"What?" I asked.
He walked over to me and pointed at the door, "Peek through the crack man!"
I looked into the room where all the bunk beds were and Niall and Fearne were playing the guitar together.
"Ew." I said.
Zayn looked shocked, "Harry!" He gasped.
"Do you like her?" Louis chirped in.
I looked down and sighed, "Yeah."


Hey guys so I hope that you are liking it so far?? 
Heart, comment fave? Aoife xx
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