Empty Tears*Niall Horan

Fearne was the girl who had it all, looks, money and pretty much became famous by 5 boys turning her world upside down.
Things are going great until the unexpected happens. She dissapears.
She has left clues for each of the boys to find with the help of the girls aswell, but can they find her before time runs out?


8. Paisley McCormic

Hey, I'm Paisley.

Im 5"0, I have straight red hair and emerald green eyes.
I am 17 years old and my birthday is in July.

I can be very sensitive and I can't trust anybody, not after what my foster dad put me through. Never.
I've went through so much in my life, my foster dad abused me when my mum went into rehab for taking drugs.
I was put in a foster home where my foster dad came alond (unfortunately) and well ya know.

Once he fostered me, he changed his name and left the country to go to Italy. The reason he did this was because he needed someone to take care for him but he also needed someone to lash his anger out apon so the foster home couldn't check up on me and my progress because i have and have cuts, scars and bruises.

I am completely clueless to everything out in the world, he never educated me. He didn't let me listen to radios or watch tv, go on the internet or have a phone. It seems pretty cool though!
I do know stuff about technology and viruses because he always got me to fix computers or tv's so I hope that will come in handy

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