Empty Tears*Niall Horan

Fearne was the girl who had it all, looks, money and pretty much became famous by 5 boys turning her world upside down.
Things are going great until the unexpected happens. She dissapears.
She has left clues for each of the boys to find with the help of the girls aswell, but can they find her before time runs out?


5. Mixed Up

Fearnes P.O.V

I woke up to Niall steatching, i moved my head and looked u.
"Good morning princess." He smiled.
"Morning Nialler." I mumbled sleepily.
His smile grew wider,"You know I love when you call me that."
I giggled and sat up to go to the kitchen tomake beakfast.
I got out the pan and pancake mix. I put it in and flipped it over.
I felt arms being snaked around my waist and a chin on my shoulder. "Mm pancakes.." Niall said.
I put them on a plate and Niall got out the syrup. He ended up getting it all over the counter and stuck his hand in it and rubbed i over me
"Niall!" I screamed.
I got syrup and squeezed itover his hair and he threw it over my face, i rubbed some on his cheeks.
"Babe, the pancakes are going to go cold!" I said.
We grabbed our plates and sat down on the sofa, i got out my phone and went on twitter... Big mistake.

Nialls P.O.V

I saw Fearne drop her phone
"Baby whats wrong?"
She just started crying in my arms, iwas heartbroken. Slowly i picked up her phone and noticed a photo of me and her on twitter on the bridge with a caption,'Could this be Niall Horans new girlfriend?'
"Whats wrong with it angel?"
"S-scroll down," she tried to talk.
I looked at the comments and my heart dropped.
'She's a complete slut.'
'That whore shouldn't be with him.'
'Hes too good for her.'
"Baby theyre just jealous, all that matters is that youre beautiful to me, if they dont lke it, thn accept it. You are who you are and dont let anyone chnge that about you. Even i get hate, please dont get too worked up about it."
She just cried and cried. I sang to her and she soon fell asleep.

I will never let anyone hurt Fearne. Never.


Fearnes P.O.V

I woke up and i was in my bunk bed, realisation soon hit me. A voice came into m head 'Nobody needs you, Niall doesnt really love you, it's all in your head. Youre just a spare part.'
I ran into the bathroom, feet cold an tears trickling down my face. Im so done.

I went on twitter again and looked over the tweets over and over again, i finally hd enough.
I picked up enough courage to finally take the blade out of the razor.
I rested it on my wrist and slowly dragged it across my skin. I winced at the pain.
'Dont be such a baby, you know you deserve this.' I did it again and again, relieving myself from the pain. Soon i shrank down the wall and cried.

I deserve this.
Soo guys I bet you werent expecting thatt...
Next chapter is coming soon so stay updated!
Heart, comment, fave Aoife xx

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