Suicide - 5S0S/1D Fan-Fic

"Please tell the boys how much I will miss them. Hug them every day for me. I can't stand the thought of being parted from them, but I have to do this. I'm sorry xxx"


5. Funeral

Lottie's POV


We all sat in the church, everyone around us crying. Even the teachers and students from school that are here as support for Madison. Her uncle was up talking about how his sister was one of the best people in the world and how all of a sudden she and her husband have been snatched from this world. How they we're both great people and the best parents to Maddie. That they would always be missed. Every time Louis or mum tried to comfort Maddie, she would flinch away from them, whimper and cry more than she already was. She was an absolute mess. She's been in care 3 weeks now and keeps having the same bad dreams all the time but she won't let no one help her at all. And none of us know why. I hate seeing my best friend like this but she just won't accept any help anyone gives her which is making it impossible for any of us to understand the  position she's in right now.


"I can't do this..." I heard Madison say. She got up and ran out of the church. I went to run after her but Dad grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.


"Sit." He said sternly. Louis gave me a look and I obeyed. Madison's uncle ran after her mid-sentence and so did mum. I just wish she'd let us help her out.


Johannah's POV


"Madison, come back!" I called after her as me and her uncle, Mark, ran after her. She wouldn't stop.


"No!" She shouted back at me.


"Tell me what's wrong, sweetie." Mark pleaded.


"I want Mommy and Daddy back! But they aren't coming back, EVER!" She yelled at us both. I knew this wasn't helping her, being here to say good-bye. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards my car. I told her to strap herself in the back and told Mark I was taking her for a drive to clear her head which he agreed too. I couldn't see my best friend's little girl in such a state. It was heart breaking. She's such a good, sweet girl. And now this has happened to the poor thing. It's just not fair on her. Loosing both of her parent's a week before her 8th birthday?! She's still practically a baby. They will never get to see her grow up the way they wanted to. It's all so sad. I can't help but feel as if I've taken things for granted with my own kids. And from now on, I'm going to make sure Madison gets the same treatment. She still deserves the chance to a normal life no matter how hard it will be to get her to open up to us. But I'm not giving up on her. No way. I'm going to help her through this no matter what happens or where she ends up.



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