Past the point of no return

Have you ever struggled so hard in your life for someone? Have you ever tried to get them back but, to no avail? Have you ever had to hide your scars from the world? In order to protect the one that did it to you in the first place. If you have then welcome to the world of Cordelia Vander. Who's brother has another personality. She struggles to find out if she can ever get her brother back. Not Shaun. Declan


3. When you I see your face......

                                                       My face. It's scarred and bruised. It has dark circles under my lightless eyes. The lips are bitten raw and my hair is impossible to tell because of the fact that it is always pulled back. I know cause in the apartment there is a grimy mirror. No matter how many times you wash it, it will always be dirty. It makes Shaun mad when this happens. I hide when he gets mad. I would suggest this move to anyone.


                                                      Shaun paced the floor of the apartment. The floorboards squeaked under his weight. Not that he is fat. In fact he is far from it. Every since the change he has starved himself. Which coincidently starves me. " Shut up floorboards,'' he growled. " Your talking to floorboards now?'' I asked him sarcastically. " Yes I am and their telling me to shut you up,'' he smirked. I stood up quickly embracing myself for his attack.

                                             I felt his weight shift to his left arm. His punching arm. He swung it at my face. I didn't give him the satisfaction of me yelping in pain. Angry he pulled me down to the floor and kept punching me. Everywhere. Pain swelled up yet I still kept quiet. I could feel my mind slipping. The room was fuzzy. So was Shaun's face. He raised his fist up again. I knew that I was done for.  He fist stopped in mid air. " Not my sister you freak,'' Shaun said.

                                          I blinked in surprise,'' Declan?''.  He nodded. I could see kindness in his eyes. I shuddered in relief,'' Oh Declan. Mom and Dad....,'' I sobbed into his shoulder. Declan hugged me,'' Shhh. I'm hear now. It's ok. Let's order some pizza,'' he smiled and got the phone. " How long will you stay?'' I asked him. He put down the phone,'' I'll try to stay for an hour. Pizza will be here in 30 minutes.''

                                           I rested my head on his shoulder," It's nice to have you back Declan I really missed you. Oh god I'm such a fucking bitch,'' I said into his shoulder. " Cordelia. No don't say those things. Please. It's not your fault what you have to do. I just glad you have stayed strong,'' Declan hugged me tighter. Feelings of safety and old times flooded me. It was not long after tears streamed down my face and onto his shoulders.

                                                       A knock at the door sounded. Declan answered it. Soon the smell of pepperoni and olives filled the air. My stomach growled. After that I swore never to eat pizza again. Because it will never taste the same. I threw away the pizza when I realized that Declan's eyes were getting steely. His voice a little rougher. " Cordelia. Please I'm asking you again. I'm sorry but, please stay by me and him please,'' his voice was cracking from the strain of trying to control it. " Always,'' I nodded. We hugged for the last time.

                                          A throw against the wall told me that Shaun was back. I felf a sharp prick against my throat,'' Why were you hugging oh what the hell! Just get out of my face before it meets the floor,'' he snarled. I walked away to my closet of a room. Before I closed the door though I couldn't help but hear,'' Mhmmm for some reason that...that was...nice,'' Shaun mumbled. Of course after an hour I heard screams of terror and a demand. Sighing I went back to work.

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