A Look into My World

I'm always in my own little world. Sometimes, people ask me what's going up there in my "over-active imaginative mind". Well, now you get a chance to see what goes on. Sometimes I fantasize about my favorite anime or manga: other times I write stories in my head. I like to believe my mind is unique with all its door and gates. It's quite confusing if you don't understand the way I work. I like to play mind games too. So when you look into my world, don't believe everything you see. I'll be waiting for you. All you have to do is find me. Good Luck.


2. Welcome

     (No warning)             


The halls were eerily quiet and empty; the house was abandoned. The Dark Ones took me there. It was so cold there. I was so lonely. I had lived there since i was five. As I got older, I depended more on the Dark Ones. Even if I couldn't see them. I wasn't allowed outside, and I knew the house was never got any light. I guess that's why it was so cold. The Dark Ones liked the cold. I shivered  as the room I sat in got colder; an obvious sign the Dark Ones had arrived.

"Hello Dark Ones."

"Greetings, child." 

"Dark Ones, can you tell me why i am here?"

I heard quiet laughter and shuffling.

"Child, must you ask strange questions?"

I frowned, not pleased with the answer.

"Why did you take me here?"

"Little One, don't ask why. You'll make mother cry."

Mother? Who is this mother?


"Mother Rose."

"Who is Mother Rose?"

I've never heard of this 'Mother Rose'.

"Tiny girl, no more questions."

I pouted and crossed my arms before asking again.

"Silly child, don't be curious. You'll make Mother furious."

"Who is this Mother?? Please answer my question."

The Dark Ones sighed. I sat down on the old carpeted floor as they set a plate of food and water in front of me.

"Child, no more questions. Eat."

They left when I started eating. I sighed and finished my plate before crawling into the old mattress and going to sleep. The years went by and I got even older. The Dark Ones told me I was 17. They kept saying it was a special number. As I awoke to their chatter, I frowned. I was still curious about this 'Mother Rose' person. They hadn't given me an answer still and refused to talk about her.

" Child, are you still asleep? Wake up! Mother Rose is going to visit!"

I shot out of my little bed and proceeded to brush my hair. I want to look presentable, don't I? The Dark Ones were still talking away, but now in a whisper.

" Child, Mother Rose is here."

 I looked around my small room. There was no one else in there but me. I guessed she would be invisible to the human eye.

"Child? Why are you searching? I am right here." a strange new voice cooed.

That was Mother Red. I felt cold air press down on my shoulder.

"Can you not see me, dear child?"


The cold air left my shoulder and reappeared on my face.

"Do you know why you here, child?"


A sharp knife-stab like pain coursed through my small body.

"Then I will show you."

A woman, around her mid-fourties, appeared in front of me.

"A-are you...?"

"Yes, child. I am Mother Rose."

Three little child around the ages of four to ten then came into view behind the woman.

"My child, it is time you join us. You are one of the many children that were taken away from me."

I gulped and shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

"Welcome home, my daughter."

And with that, my life as a Dark One began after my body collapsed to the ground. I floated away from it and stood beside the other children. Mother Rose made the body vanish and turned around. 

"Now, we must find my other children."

I giggled along with the children, feeling myself shrink in size until I reached almost only a little taller than one of the children.

"Yes Mother Rose." We spoke.

Time to find one of our siblings. Are you one? Then we'll be waiting. See you soon, child.

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