A Look into My World

I'm always in my own little world. Sometimes, people ask me what's going up there in my "over-active imaginative mind". Well, now you get a chance to see what goes on. Sometimes I fantasize about my favorite anime or manga: other times I write stories in my head. I like to believe my mind is unique with all its door and gates. It's quite confusing if you don't understand the way I work. I like to play mind games too. So when you look into my world, don't believe everything you see. I'll be waiting for you. All you have to do is find me. Good Luck.


3. Down the hall..

(This story is an old myth that is rumored to be true.)




Somewhere deep in the woods of Mississippi, there was an old asylum. It was abandoned around 1864 but only because the founder of the building found better land. Most of the ill people there were taken along, some weren't. Those few that were left had absolutely no chance of getting better. A little girl by the name of Cassidy James was one of the few. Back to the point, it was rumored that if you were to find this asylum, you would encounter the little girl. There was a bunch of instructions that were  supposed to be followed in order for her to appear. Do you want to know them?


1.) when you enter the asylum, approach the secretary's desk and say aloud, "I will visit Ms.Cassi."

2.) wait two minutes in dead silence. you might here the faint of sound of a keyboard being tapped.

3.) Nod once and open the door that says, " 201-304". you will see a very long hallway.

4.) when you step inside the hallway, close the door behind you and tap on it three times. That alerts the patients someone is visiting.

5.) Take you time going down the hall, but don't look through any of the windows in the doors. it's rude.

6.) When you get to the door labeled, "299.", knock on it once and continue down the hall.

7.) stop when you get to door, "304". That's Cassi's room.

8.) stand in front of the door. say, " Cassi, cassi where are you? Hiding in your corner of gloom?"

9.) open the door slowly and stand in the doorway. you will see an old bed, and a chair sitting in a corner. sit in the chair, but keep your eyes glued to the corner.

10.) say, "Cassi, cassi this is no fun. I have to go before you run."

11.) exit the room quickly and shut the door. run down the hallway and as before, knock once on the door labeled, "299." they say it was Cassi's friend.

12.) go to secretary's counter and say quickly. "54 on the door. alert the others before the chores." and leave.

13.) the next day after that, expect to receive a letter with no address.

14.) inside will say, " Dear (whatever your name is), thank you for visiting me. I'll see you soon...friend."

15.) proceed to write a letter only saying, "ok." and put it under your pillow. the next morning, it will be gone.

16.) they say after that, in your local newspaper, an article will appear saying that a girl, Cassidy James age 12, had died for unknown reasons.

 whatever you do, do NOT return to that asylum. you'll be trapped there forever with Cassi's soul, claiming you as her 'friend'.

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