Blood Slave

In the year 3013 vampires have taken over the world. All humans are seen as are walking blood bags. On a girls eighteenth birthday she's sent into a place called the slave auction, where she is sold to a vampire as there own person blood bank. What happens when eighteen year old Arielle Reece is sold to the vampire lord himself Harry Styles.


20. Chapter 19


“Just out of curiosity, did you feel anything in that kiss?” He questioned, and I swear I saw something flash through his eyes. Hope.


“I um ya, ya I did,” I admitted truthfully, causing a smile to spread across his face.


“Really! Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one!” He sighed in relief. But that’s when I knew there was an unspoken question between the two of us. A question we both dreaded to ask the most at that moment. A question that would determine where we stand from this point on. And after a few moments of silence I knew I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. And without thinking I aloud those few simple words to escape my lips. The words that determined everything. The words that could possibly change my life forever.


“Where does this leave us?”





                                                                          Chapter 19


Where did this leave us? I mean we both just admitted we felt something for each other. Then again, would it ever work? I’m a human, he’s a vampire. A vampire lord at that. We aren’t even suppose to like each other! It just doesn’t make sense. Then again, has anything in life ever made sense? No, no it hasn’t. But you know what they say, everything happens for a reason. I just wish I knew what that reason was.


“I-I don’t know,” he stuttered, looking just as confused as I was. I mean how exactly do you go about these things? You don’t exactly just randomly kiss a person and expect everything to be fine! That’s just not how life works. Especially in this crazy messed up world we’re living in.


“I-um, I think I should go,” I murmured, making my way towards the door. But just as my hand came in contact with the door I felt a tug at my wrist.


“Wait! Before you go I have a question I’ve been dying to ask. Will you please do me the honors of being my girlfriend?” He asked, causing a smile to spread across my face. But just like that it suddenly faded away.


“Harry I can’t,” I said with a frown, causing Harry to furry his eyebrows in confusion.


“What do you mean you can’t? Your free now remember? You no longer have to follow the rules ordinary humans have to. You're free to make your own decisions,” he explained, I only stared at him sadly.


“Exactly Harry, I’m free. Which means I have thousands of people watching my every move just waiting for me to make a mistake. And in that small little mistake I get sent straight back into slavery. The only difference, I don’t have you to save me,” I explained, causing his eyes to soften.


“Ariella, I’m always going to be there to rescue you. I don’t care where you are or what I’m doing I’ll always be there. Through thick and thin I’m always yours,” he said, bringing tears to my eyes.


“Do you really mean that?” I questioned, getting a nod in conformance from him.


“Of course I mean it. Ariella, you’ve shown what it’s like to live again. To look on the brighter side of things. Before I met you I was just another lifeless robot following the way of society. But now, I’m not afraid to state my own opinion and fight for what I think is right. And even though you may not realize it You’ve most definitely made the world a better place,” he said, causing a smile to spread across my face.


“Harry Styles, it would be an honor for me to be your girlfriend,” I said, causing him to pick me up and spin me in a circle. I only squealed in delight. Could this moment possibly get any better?


Louis p.o.v

Look at them, all happy and lovey dovey. If only they knew that there little world is about to come crashing down. Harry Styles, Ariella Reece, watch your back because you have no idea what’s coming for you.  

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