Blood Slave

In the year 3013 vampires have taken over the world. All humans are seen as are walking blood bags. On a girls eighteenth birthday she's sent into a place called the slave auction, where she is sold to a vampire as there own person blood bank. What happens when eighteen year old Arielle Reece is sold to the vampire lord himself Harry Styles.


1. Chapter 1

                                                   Chapter 1

You know the saying you never know what you have until it’s gone? Well that couldn’t be anymore true. When I was little, I didn’t have a care in the world. Like there was only good in the world. Now as I stand here a waiting my future, my faith, I know I couldn’t have been anymore wrong. And in the next twenty-four hours my life will lie in the hands of a blood sucking monster. The only thing I can do is hope, and pray for a miracle, but I know one will never come. And I know there's no escape. 

“Next,” a rough voice said, as I shakily walked towards the gates of the auction house. The place that in twenty four hours I would be sold to some filthy creature as their personal blood bank. 

“Name,” the man at the gates said harshly.

“A-Arielle, Arielle Reece” I stuttered out. As the man was scribbling something on a piece of paper I looked around at the millions of girls awaiting for there new given future. Some of them looked scared, some looked as though they’ve done this millions of times. And others looked as though they didn’t know how to feel. Like an emotionless robot, who can’t even control their own emotions. Is that how I’m going to turn out? Like an emotionless robot who can’t even control their own feelings? I’m taken from my thoughts by the man harshly grabbing my wrist and dragging me heaven knows where. I soon found myself shoved into a room before the door slammed shut locking in the process, causing me to flinch at the sudden noise.

“Your new at this, aren’t you?” a voice spoke causing me to jump. I turned around to come face to face with a girl who looked to be about twenty years of age. I nodded slowly.

“Ya, I am” I said softly.

“I’m Victoria Kasper, and you are?” she introduced.

“I’m Arielle Reece,” I said shyly.

“Well Arielle, welcome to hell,” she said with all seriousness.

“How bad is it?” I suddenly asked curiously. She just stared at me for a moment.

“Hon, let me explain something to you. I’ve been in these auctions for years, and I’ve seen a lot of things. These creatures are pure evil, they have no good. The key to staying alive is simple. Don’t fall for their tricks and you’ll be fine,” she explained. I nodded my head slowly letting the information sink in. Pure evil? They can’t all be bad can they? They must have some good inside right? 

“We should probably get some sleep, the auctions start first thing in the morning,” Victoria said, breaking me from my thoughts. I nodded before laying on the rock hard bed in the tiny room. But that night I couldn’t help but think. Will I ever be free again? Or will I be owned like some object for the rest of my life. The question kept filling my mind, like some record on repeat, until my eyes finally shut, and I fell into a deep sleep.

A/N Here's the first chapter of Blood Slave. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Should I continue this story? Let me know. And don't forget to cheek out some of my other stories.

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