Nothing But Trouble

when Haven Williams falls in love with bad boy Nathan Davis her friends warn her not to get involved with him but she can't help it. She thinks she can help Nathan to lose his bad habits. Will she succeed? Will she give up and leave him? Read to find out.


1. Let the school year begin

Hello there. This is my first book on movellas so if it sucks I'm truly sorry

"Haven! Alia is outside waiting for you!" my mom shouted from down stairs. "I'm coming!" I checked my self in my mirror.


I then ran down stairs and said good bye to my mom. When I got in the car my friend Alia was singing to Stella by All Time Low.


"Sup!" Alia shouted as I got in. "Sup." I replied. "You ready to go to that place they call school?" She asked. "I believe so." I sighed.

When soon got to school. We headed to the commons area where the students hang out till school starts and for break. Our lovely friends Celestine and Zizi were waiting for us.




"Hello ladies," Zizi said as we walked up to them. "Don't call us that," Alia said. "What's up guys," Celestine said. "Much better," Alia nodded in approval. Zizi rolled her reply at Alia's dislike about being called a lady. "Look at all the little freshman," Zizi said as she pointed at the scared freshmans all huddled together like elephants trying to protect one another form a group of lions. "Remember when we use to be those kids?" Celestine sighed."That was the worst year of my life," Alia snorted. "Agreed," I replied. When we were freshman everyone picked on us. It was horrible. The upper grades treat you like trash. We're so glad we are no longer freshman. "It feels good to be a senior," Celestine stated. "Feel bad for the freshman though," I said. "Eh they'll live." Alia stated as the school bell rang.

Time for school to began.

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