A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


7. 7

              {Liam's POV}

                    Things have been strange lately. First off, I keep feeling weird around Harry. Like, whenever I look at him, he blushes, or if I look at him, I blush. Its very. . . strange. The other day, Harry, Peyton and I were walking to Testco, to buy some things for Peyton and I's flat, and I had tapped Harry on the arm to get his attention, since sometimes he's in his own little world, and when my hand made contact with his arm, I felt like an electric current, like the feeling you get when you have fuzzy socks on and walk across the carpet and then touch somebody. It's was really weird. I had jerked my hand back so fast and Harry had gasped when I had touched him.

              I've never felt this way before, blushing over a man looking at me the way Harry does. I never have felt this way about a man, especially Harry, who is my best mate. It's scaring me, because I don't exactly know how to approach this situation I have unfortunately gotten myself into. I don't know what this feeling is, or why its suddenly all I think about. Whenever I think about Harry, which is all I seem to do anymore, butterflies erupt in my stomach and I get Goosebumps all over my body.

           I'm afraid to tell anybody about this felling, fearing that they will think I'm crazy or have some sort of mental illness, but I feel like I need to turn my thoughts into words and tell someone about this. I'm honestly terrified of what is happening, so I think I should talk to somebody about this, so I think I'm going to end up telling Peyton. Maybe she can help me.

          The second thing that is quite weird around here is Zayn and Mr. Tomlinson. Its been four days since Niall and Zayn have come to Mellow Brooke High School, and Mr. Tomlinson and Zayn have gotten. . . weird. They constantly stare at each other and don't seem to care about anyone else. I've tried to talk to Zayn about it, seeing as I can't talk to Mr. T about it, and he won't tell me anything, which I completely understand. We haven't known each other long so I don't expect him to open up to me, even though I hope he will soon.

           I wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Tomlinson and Zayn became a couple. They would be cute together, in my opinion and everybody else's too. I had asked Niall if he knew anything about their enclosed relationship, and he had told me that Zayn talks a lot about Mr. Tomlinson. Peyton is an observer, she likes to step back and observe people, like the way they act or think, and she even notices stuff about Zayn and Mr. T, like that time when she noticed Mr. Tomlinson staring at Zayn's ass when he was walking out of the classroom. So I totally see them becoming a couple soon.

          The last thing that is pretty strange is Niall and Peyton. They act like a couple, like they time where Niall bought Peyton's lunch, or the time where Peyton bought Niall a shirt that he seemed to like when we all went shopping at the shopping center down the road from the school. Its the little things they do that seem like they are a couple. I keep asking them about it, but they deny that they are a couple.

         I don't see why they couldn't be a couple, they're good together. Niall is even trying to learn sign language for Peyton. He told me that he's embarrassed and ashamed that Peyton and him have to communicate through paper and pencil. I agree, it does get embarrassing after a while to communicate through writing, and that why Harry and I learned sign language.

        I think Zayn thinks that Niall and Peyton are already a couple. When we were at the shopping center, Zayn saw one of his old friends I guess, and the bloke had asked him who his brother was with and he had replied Oh that's my brother's girlfriend. Niall had walked over to Zayn and said She's not my girlfriend! and Zayn had just chuckled, patting him on the back.

      I don't know why Niall won't just man up and ask Peyton out. I mean, you can tell they both want to be something more than friends, so why won't Niall ask her out? I can tell he likes her, and Peyton obviously likes Niall back. Its actually pretty funny watching Peyton blush when Niall does something for her, like carry her messenger bag or walk her to class to make sure she makes it their okay.

       So, yeah. A lot ooh crazy stuff has been happening lately. I just hope everyone will get their shit together, including me.



    A/N So its just a filler, sorry. . . Anyway, drama is happening in the next chapter! What do you guys think so far? Chapters are going to get longer, I swear to you. Tell me what you think. Comment, favorite, like.

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