A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


6. 6

           {Harry's POV}

                  "I think Zayn and Mr. Tomlinson are going to get together." I inform Liam, who is holding on to Peyton to make sure she doesn't fall as we make our way to Liam and Peyton's flat they share together.

                     "I totally agree, it's just a matter of time until they do. I think Niall and Peyton are going to end up together. Have you seen the way they look at each other?"

                Like they way I look at you, I think to myself. I shake my head and turn to look at Liam, who is looking back at me, causing me to blush. It's not exactly a secret that I have a crush on Liam. I have liked him since year eight, and Liam is he only one who doesn't know that I have a crush on him. Hell, even Mrs. Payne, Liam's mum, knows.

              "I think they will, I mean, like you said, Niall looks at Peyton like she's the only girl in the world. No one really treats Peyton like she should be treated. I just hope Niall can." I reply to Liam as we turn the corner and start walking up the steps to he third floor of Spring Oaks Flat Complex.

          Peyton looks in her bag and pulls out a black lanyard that has the key to the door on the end of it. She puts the key inn the lock and unlocks the door, stepping inside and holding the Dorr open for me and Liam.

          She lays her messenger bag on the chair, which Liam picks up and lays on the ground next to the coat rack, and walks in to the kitchen, me following behind behind her.

           'What do you think of Niall and Zayn?' I sign to Peyton, making sure she's looking at me.

          Peyton blushed when I signed Niall. 'I think that they are nice, unlike the people who pretend to be friends with us just to bully me.'

         I nod, making sure she sees before I sign back to her, 'What do you think of Niall?'

         Once again, she blushes. 'He's really hot. I have talked to him so I don't know what he's like, but I hope he is nice.'

          I hear the kitchen door opening and I turn to see Liam walking into the room and around the island in the kitchen to the fridge, pulling out some grapes.

         "What do you think of the new students, Liam?" I ask Liam, signing also so Peyton understands what we're talking about.

          "I think that they're cool. I think that they actually want to be friends with us." Liam replies, signing also.

          "Yeah. I think Peyton has a crush on Niall." I say, signing it also while looking at Peyton while smirking.

           'No! I just met the boy today!' Peyton signs, the crimson staining her cheeks saying otherwise.

            "Yes you do. I see the way you were looking at him." I sign and say back to her.

            'Because I was drawing him.' Peyton signs, frowning at me.

           I put my hands up in surrender as Liam taps shoulder to get her o look at him. "He asked me to ask you if he could have it when your done."

           Peyton blushes, nodding at Liam as she flees the kitchen to, most likely, grab her sketchbook. I turn to Liam, smirking at him. "She so likes him."

           Liam chuckles, nodding at me, "Of course she does."



    A/N I felt like that was a good time to end the chapter. They will get longer, I'm just trying to get to the plot. What do you guys think so far? Let me know! Comment, favorite, like.

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