A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


2. 2

        {Peyton's POV}

               The boy standing at the entrance of the canteen was mesmerizing. He had golden blonde hair that was obviously dyed, considering I could see his natural brunette roots, and amazing icy blue eyes that were really bright. He had a nose piercing and his ears were pierced also. The boy had tattoos running up and down both his arms, which I thought made him even more beautiful, considering I found boys with tattoos attractive.

              He was wearing a black tank top, showing off his huge biceps, with a huge skull in the middle of it. He had on black skinny jeans, that hugged his legs nicely, and white high-top sneakers.

              The boy looked around the cafeteria, trying to look for an open table or seat, I'm guessing. His friend next to him looking around and his eyes stopped on our table. I gulped.

                The boy's friend was wearing a plain grey t-shirt with a leather jacket over it. I'm pretty sure he also had many tattoos because I could see the bottom f one sticking out from underneath the sleeves of his leather jacket. He was also wearing black skinny jeans but had on a pair of grey Vans instead of white high-top sneakers. He had jet black hair and, from what I could see, golden eyes.

             The boy with the black hair grabbed the boy with the blonde hair's arm, pulling him in the direction of our table. I looked back down at my sketchbook, flipping to a new page and beginning the outline of the blonde boy.

           I hadn't looked up but knew that the two boys had sat down. I had a feeling somebody was looking at me, so I looked up and was immediately met with a pair of blue eyes. I looked over at Harry, who was busy talking to the boy with black hair, I'm guessing, asking for his name.

           Liam, who was on the opposite side of me, was talking to the blonde boy. I was surprised he wasn't using sign language, because whenever he talks to somebody and I'm near, he uses sign language while talking so I know what he and the other person are talking about.

         I looked back down at my sketchpad, looking in my bag for a lighter pencil to compliment the blonde boy's pale complexion. I started sketching the boy's eyes as I didn't bother looking up until I felt the vibrate of the alarm I set so I know when the bell rings, signaling that lunch would be over.


    {Niall's POV}

         "My name is Liam and that guy over their is Harry and the girl sitting right their is Peyton." The guy, Liam, introduced himself and the other people sitting with him to me.

        I nodded, looking at Liam. "I'm Niall and that, " I said, pointing at my step-brother, Zayn, "is Zayn."

       Liam nodded at me, looking at the girl sketching. He looked at her sketch pad and then at me and then the sketch pad again. He looked back at me speaking for the girl, "I don't want to embarrass Peyton or anything, but she's drawing you."

     I gasped, looking at the girl's sketchpad. I was surprised she didn't flinch at how fast I had moved to look at her drawing of me, but she seemed unfazed and didn't even realize I was looking at her. "No way! That's cool."

    Liam nodded, tapping Peyton's shoulder, causing her to flinch. He moved his hand back and his hands began moving rapidly. I gasped, seeing her blush and then sign back to him.

    "She's deaf?" I asked.

    "Yeah, since birth. Does that bother you?" Liam asked, narrowing his eyes at me.

    I shake my head. "Of course not."

    Liam nodded as I looked over at Peyton, watching as she tapped the boy sitting next to her on the shoulder. He stopped talking to Zayn and turned to Peyton as she began signing to him about something and him signing back to her.

     I heard Zayn gasp, looking at Peyton and then to Harry, I think that's his name. "She's deaf?"

     Harry signed something to Peyton as Peyton looked at Zayn, nodding and them going back to sketching me.

     "Woah. That's... cool, I guess." Zayn said, turning back to Harry.

    I looked back at Peyton, seeing her looking at me. Once she had noticed that I was looking at her, she blushed, going back to her sketching. I chuckled, I think I'm gonna like it at this school.


    A/N So. Continue? Or No?

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