A Loss For Words

Peyton Skies has been deaf since birth. She only communicates through sign language or writing. So when the new student, Niall Horan, tries to talk to her, she can't exactly hear him.


1. 1

{Peyton's POV} 

   I have been deaf since I was born, never being able to hear my mum or dad speak. I don't even know what it is like to talk, because I don't know how to. I've tried to talk before but I can't form words with my mouth. After all, I've never heard anybody else speak in my entire seventeen years of life, so I don't really know how to start. 

    My best friends, Harry Styles and Liam Payne, try to help me learn how to talk, but I just can't. Harry and Liam are great to me, they learned sign language for me so that they could communicate with me without me writing something down on paper and them replying by writing something down also. 

    Harry and Liam have been with me since year two and haven't left my side since. I remember how we met actually, it was the first day of year two and I was sitting in the corner, reading some book when Liam and Harry had walked up to me, tapping me on the shoulder and then talking. 

    I, of course, couldn't understand what they were saying, so I had to write down that I couldn't hear. Liam had replied back, asking me what that thing in my ear was. Knowing that he was talking about my hearing aid, that was supposed to help me hear that didn't even help really, I wrote down that that thing was supposed to help me hear. 

  I don't really like wearing my hearing aid at all. I stopped wearing it in year three when people would look at me funny. I don't like people knowing that I'm different, so I try not to associate with many people. 

    Like most days, I sit in the school library with my sketch pad, doodling, waiting for Liam or Harry to come and find me. Today is like every other day, nobody sitting with me at, what I like to call, my table, because no one sits here besides me. 

    I looked back down at my sketch pad, trying to get the shading right on Liam's cheeks. I love to draw, I always have. It's like an escape from reality. I like to get lost in my drawings and pretend I'm somewhere else, which works most of the time. 

     Suddenly, I feel a hand on my back and I jump in surprise. I turn around and relax when I see that Harry is behind me. He pulls one of the chairs out and sits down beside me, looking at my sketch pad and blushes when he sees I'm drawing Liam. 

     Harry has always had a slight crush on Liam, not that Liam knows of course. He told me that he liked Liam in year eight when he came out of the closet. I had promised that I wouldn't tell Liam, being the good friend I am, and Liam still hasn't found out yet.

     I feel Harry tap my shoulder and I look up at him. 

    'Hey Peyton. How are you?' Harry signs to me. 

    I smile at him. 'Hey Haz. I'm fine. You?' I reply back. 

    'I'm good. Do you want to go eat know?' he asks. 

     I nod at his question, gathering my pencils and sketch pad. I stand up and grab my messenger bag stuffing my sketch pad and pencils inside it and stand up, pushing the chair in behind me. 

     I follow Harry out of the library, nodding at the librarian, Ms. Saka. Harry leads me through the hallways until we reach the doors of the canteen. We walk inside and I see all the people staring at us. 

    I sigh. I hate the attention I get for being deaf. Everybody looks at he in sympathy and pity. It's not like I choose to be deaf or anything. People should just get over themselves. 

    I immediately look around for Liam, seeing him sitting at a table nearby. I grab Harry and drag him over to where Liam is sitting. 

    Once we reach the table, I put my bag down and swing my legs over the bench and sit down. 

    'Hey guys.' Liam signs, his lips moving, signaling he's saying it out loud too. 

    I sigh. I wish I could hear him speak. I bet his voice is beautiful, just like I imagine Harry's  would be pretty too. 

    'Hey Li.' I sign back to him. 

    'Did you hear about the new student?' Liam signs, his lips still moving. 

    New student? I didn't know we were getting a new student. 

    'Actually, there's two new students.' Harry signs, his chest moving up and down rapidly which means he's laughing or trying to breathe. I think it the first one. 

   'I didn't know we were getting new students.' 

    'Yeah. Apparently one of them's Irish like you, Pey.' Liam signs to me, smirking. 

    I laugh at him. 'Like anybody would go for me.' 

    Liam's jaw drops, looking at me with disbelief. Harry playfully, I think, hits my arm and his jaw is also dropped too. 

    'What?' I sign to them. 

    'Who wouldn't want to date you! Your gorgeous!' Harry signs, making me scoff at him. 

    'Oh please.' I don't really find myself attractive. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, like many other people, and an okay body. I wouldn't necessarily call myself pretty. 

    'It's true.' Liam butts in, nudging my shoulder. I smile at him signing thanks. 

     Liam looks up at something behind me and Harry turns around also. He looks at Liam again and his lips start moving. I suck at reading lips so I can't make out what he's saying to Liam or what Liam is replying back. 

     I swing my legs around and turn my body towards the entrance of the canteen where Liam and Harry are staring. Moving my braid out of my line of vision, I look up and see the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, looking right back at me. 


      A/N So. New story. What do you guys think? Should I continue?

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