Made New

My name is Sophia. I had a great life. A mom and dad who loved me just as much as they loved my baby sister, Layla. I loved my life. Until, I was kidnapped. That changed everything. Changed how i looked, how I acted, how I was treated. They treat me differently than the others, though. The one with the curly hair, he loves me like a sister. But things don't always end in happily ever after. I was made new.


3. Why, oh, why?

I woke up surrounded by five boys. "W-what am I doing here?" I stuttered out in fear that they would hurt me, considering that the one with the dark hair and deep brown eyes had a scary look on his face. "Are-are you the ones who kidnapped me?" I asked in fear of the answer. I looked to the curly haired one who was looking down to the floor. The blonde one nodded with sorrow. The curly haired boy was the one who put me in the van. He said that he was sorry and that he had no choice but to take me. I had heard them talking in the front seat before I blacked out. A husky voice had said "Her last name is going to be Styles, okay? If anyone asks she is your cousin." That's when they started driving and I hit my head. "Are you okay?" Asked the curly haired one. "Um My head hurts a little, but other than that I'm fine" I said. "I was so worried about you!"Curly said. "Why?" I ococked my head to the side. "um... well, I-I.. uh" He stuttered out. "I ASKED WHY!" I raised my voice. I then realized that was a mistake. The dark haired-brown eyed boy raised his hand and was about to slap me. Just when I closed my eyes getting ready to feel the pain of my life, there was a yell. "ZAYN STOP!" I opened my eyes to see curly haired boy holding 'Zayn' by the wrist. "Why shouldn't I hit there she has no reason to raise her voice at you!" he exclaimed. "Yes she does! We kiddnapped her! And I will not let you slap my sister you prick!" he yelled. WHAT! "WHAT! For one, I don't have a brother and if you are, in fact, my 'brother' why didn't I know about it?!" I said in panic. "I-I- I'm so sorry Sophie, I didn't want to take you away from Layla and you're family, but you're not safe with them." curly said. I have some qiestions and I don't think I am going to like the answers.

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