Made New

My name is Sophia. I had a great life. A mom and dad who loved me just as much as they loved my baby sister, Layla. I loved my life. Until, I was kidnapped. That changed everything. Changed how i looked, how I acted, how I was treated. They treat me differently than the others, though. The one with the curly hair, he loves me like a sister. But things don't always end in happily ever after. I was made new.


4. Styles baby

"Okay, okay that was uncalled for. Now, Harry Sophie is going to have some questions and you have to give her the answers." said a boy with brown hair and blue-green eyes. "Yea, stripes over here is right." I said. Stripes and Curly gave me a funny look. "My first question is who are you people?" I asked. "Oh well, I'm Harry, your brother." Curly 'harry' said. Then blondie spoke up. "I'm Niall, and I am sorry for this" he said pointing to the huge bruise on my face. "It's okay Niall" I said. Then Buzz cut spoke up, "I'm Liam, I told them this was a bad idea, but now I am liking that they took you here" He said with a smooth smirk. He's so hot! Wait, quit that Soph! "I'm louis and I think I prefer Lou over 'stripes' but you know whatever keeps baby Styles happy." he said. Harry was easily a year or two older than me. "Hey! I'm not 'baby styles' I'm 17 years old! I'm almost 18" I said in defense. "Anyway, I'm Zayn, sorry I tried to hit you. I was just afraid you would run out and tell the police and go back to your parent. I didn't want to see you hurt." Why would I get hurt? "It's okay" I said to the brown-eyed 'zayn' guy. Wait! If I would get hurt, Layla will get hurt! "Wait I don't care if you take me away, but if you took me to keep me from getting hurt then I need Layla, we have to go back for her!" I said. Harry sighed. "i guess we could take her, but we have to take her now, while it's late, while Amy and Dave still think you're at a friends." He said. "Okay, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get her back. She is the only thing I have a chance to keep from my family." Let's do this! Let's kidnap my baby sister!

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